October 14, 2011

Not Like When I Was A Teenager

I'll grant you that I haven't been a teenager for a very long time and even when I was, I had no super powers so the comparison might be the tiniest bit askew but still, I didn't know anyone in high school who was having as much sex as the kids on The Secret Circle seem to be having.  In fact, at 35, I know few adults having as much sex as the kids on The Secret Circle

Last week I saw a marked improvement in the interestingness of the plot but this week I felt a bit of a back slide.  Louis Hunter was the weakest acting link in the show and his character, Nick, was the least interesting to me by a lot so it didn't surprise me that they killed Nick off of the show.  It didn't even bother me since I didn't feel he was adding much to the story anyway.  But, if I'm being honest, it felt cheap.  It felt like they were copying The Vampire Diaries and I didn't enjoy it at all. 

There were some good things happening last night.  Jessica Parker Kennedy was great in the episode and I was glad that Grandma Jane finally had something to do.  Gale Harold was terrific and it seemed to be a real growth moment for the Charles character, indicating he may not be as one-note-menacing as he seemed in the pilot while Natasha Henstridge continues to be an enigma in the best way (is she good or evil? I really can't tell).  But on the whole the episode didn't hold together. 

The stuff between Adam and Diana felt out of place.  It's clear the writers are trying to build up the Adam/Diana relationship so that it seems less tepid in comparison to the wicked-hot chemistry he's got with Cassie but was this really the episode for that?  The tone was so off from the rest of the action in the ep that it was like watching an entirely different show.  And it came out of freaking nowhere to boot. 

The exposition about how you deal with demons should have worked because it makes sense for Grandma Jane to school these newbie witches on shit like this but the way they all just stood around agog while she laid the knowledge down came off as clumsy and uninteresting. 

Right now the entire show feels like the 8th grader trying desperately to be as cool as her high school senior sister...and failing. This is the Danielle Chase of shows.

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Jenna said...

I agree with you 100%.