June 30, 2011

Bigger Is Not Always Better

State Of Georgia's first order of business was to address the size of it's star, Raven Symone.  In an audition for a role on Broadway Georgia is told that she can't play a seductress because she's too fat.  Georgia gives an impassioned speech about how full of shit he is and then gets her Lucy Ricardo on when she seduces him (with food) to prove her point. 

My point is this: her size didn't seem all that big to me to begin with, but I get that by Hollywood standards, she's in the "fat" box but where I do think she's way too big is in her "comedy" and her acting.  She's got her crazy cranked up to a thousand here and it makes for the most shrill, unpleasant version of a sitcom I can ever recall.  The role of her best friend, Jo, is thankless and beneath Majandra Delfino that I'm going to have to watch the entire series of Roswell to remember how much less tragic her life was when she was Maria DeLuca. 

Dial it down, Raven.  Go small with your comedy because the problem isn't your size, it's your acting.

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