June 30, 2011

Nothing Suits Them Like Suits

USA has a knack for making glossy, fun, pretty shows that have just enough depth to keep you from feeling stupid while watching, but not so much depth that they require you to think or anything crazy like that.  They're pure entertainment.  Suits seems to fit in nicely with that image. 

Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is a smart stoner whose ambitions of becoming a lawyer are hampered by his love of getting high and the "bad influence" friend who seems to be able to talk Mike into doing stupid shit with very little effort.  The friend is a fairly big-time middle-man pot dealer who also has a sort-of bland girlfriend with whom they're clearly trying to set up some kind of love triangle for Mike. 

Mike accidentally ends up in an interview to be the new associate at a fancy law firm.  He tells Harvey (Gabriel Macht) the whole true story about how he's there and isn't a lawyer and Harvey hires him anyway.  Then stuff happens. 

Macht is fairly good at being a slick, smarmy, full of himself lawyer and Mike is mostly likable but the people in the show I enjoy most are the supporting players in the law firm - Rick Hoffman playing another in a long line of douches because no one in the world is better at that type than Hoffman.  Gina Torres as Harvey's no-nonsense, not taking shit, do what you have to do but don't let it get on me boss.  And Meghan Markle as the paralegal who deserves Mike's job much more than he does with whom Mike has much more chemistry than the bland girlfriend of his pot-dealing friend. 

It's a show that seems fairly worth watching but I believe I'd like it more if they ditched the dealer friend and his girlfriend and focused a lot more on Mike's new life at the firm.  His relationship with his grandma is plenty of outside-the-office time for my taste.

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Brenda B said...

So far I'm hooked, It's received a pass from me.