July 8, 2011

Time To Reassess

Last week I was feeling good about the celebrity guest judges on So You Think You Can Dance but this week I'm over it.  Carmen Electra?  While giving her qualifications, she noted that her favorite "style" of dance is "thrash" which I refuse to believe is an accepted style of dance so much as flailing around to loud music. 

Anyway, I'm really just popping in to tell you that I didn't have time for a proper recap this week because my paying job is keeping me a bit too busy.  It was a strange week on the show anyway so I would have probably been pretty crabby about it.  Though I would have gushed about Travis Wall because he's a terrific judge. 

When it was all said and done the wrong people went home because the judges simply refuse to acknowledge that America doesn't feel nearly as warm and fuzzy about Ryan as they do.  Now I'm just extra excited for the Top 10 when the judges can stop saving Ryan and we can all send her packing post haste as we've been trying to do for weeks. 

I'll see you then. 

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