May 16, 2011

Weekend In Reviews

Spring Cleaning - That's not the name of a movie or television show or anything, that's what I did this weekend.  I spent almost two full days (and well into the nights) cleaning out my closet and getting rid of clothes, shoes, and brickabrack that was cluttering up my life.  I also cleaned out the "everyday storage" part of my garage and got rid of a bunch of that crap too.  The Goodwill in my area is getting lucky this week.  And my closet has never looked more organized.  Unfortunately, I was so focused on organizing the closet that I may have neglected to do a lot of other important things this weekend.  Like call my best friend on her birthday.  Happy Birthday, Heather!  Sorry I'm a rotten, forgetful friend but you know I totally love you!!!

Greek - I'm not sure how I managed to never watch Greek when it was on or how I managed to kind of not even know it existed until, like, it's 3rd season because this show is right up my alley.  I watched the first season (22 episodes which I feel the need to clarify since Netflix On Demand shows it as being the first two seasons despite the fact that ABCFamily does split seasons airing one half followed by a months-long hiatus and then the second half. It's all very confusing) while I cleaned and I enjoyed it immensely. 

I don't think this show will turn into the sort of beloved affair that I have to own on DVD like some sort of security blanket I need to keep close to me to feel whole (yeah, that's a thing I do. Don't judge me), but it's definitely a fun, adorable show that I was smitten with from the start and which I'm excited to continue watching. 

The cute factor is through the roof on this show.  Cappie is probably the only over-accessorized boy in history that I find completely attractive even while he's wearing 5 more rings and 3 more necklaces than I find tolerable on any man.  He's funny and smart(ish) and a pretty terrific friend.  He even has his moments of being a good boyfriend to Rebeca.  I find Rusty to be a more likable version of the college freshman that Jay Baruchel played in Undeclared.  I'm sure someone's going to find that blasphemous and it's nothing against Baruchel but I found that character's nerdiness slightly less relatable and endearing than I find Spitter who is simultaneously nerdy, inept, awkward, and believably fratty.  I'm not sure you can tell, but that was a compliment. 

Beaver is, as I mentioned on Twitter last night, the second cutest dumb boy I've ever seen on TV.  Besides his extremely attractive physical appearance, he's bumbling and dippy and hilarious and exactly the kind of well-meaning numb-skull whose idiocy I tend to find myself attracted to. I like Calvin and practically live for every scene he has with either Ashley or Dale, but I question his taste in men.  Deputy Leo the French TA is good looking, there's no question, but Heath and his dimples are ridiculous.  Call me crazy but I really hope that Calvin and Heath get back together at some point. 

All the girls are pretty and mostly likable (though Frannie looks about 35 while all of the other girls look 24), but I love Ashley most of all.  I'm not sure I really like Rebeca, but I'm able to tolerate her a lot more and I even find some of her insane hatred of Casey amusing.  The character I've come to appreciate the most in a way I would have never expected, is Dale.  I was sure he'd be the off-putting, born-again, racist weirdo that everyone tried to avoid but instead he's the born-again kid who's reluctantly open to being there for everyone no matter who they are.  I really hope he and Calvin hang out more in the seasons I haven't watched yet because there is comedy to be had there, my friends. 

Anyway, I'm liking this show very much and I'm a little mad at all of you who knew how cute and fun it was and never told me.  What kind of friends are you?

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Rosie911 said...

Greek is a great show!
I watched it from the time it premiered on ABC Family until the series finale this year.
I like how the writers make each character surprise you as they evolve and grow up. Dale, Calvin, Rusty and even –shockingly Rebecca (as she begins to show her loyalty and true sisterhood as the show progresses.) Plus I always loved Cappie and just wanted him and Casey to be together in the end no matter what.
You have to continue watching all the season as they are great. Not every episode is perfect but all together the show is smart, funny and enjoyable. Hope you write a review when you get to the end. Be fun to see what you thought of it.