May 18, 2011

The Season Of The Switch

I've already made my feelings on the quality decline of Hellcats clear so I'm not going to bitch too much more about it. I will only add that after a half season of being perfectly enjoyable, campy, and better than it had any right to be based on its name and subject, Hellcats ended it's series run with a dramatic story about strep throat. Strep. Throat. There's almost no one on that show that doesn't deserve better.  It did remind me how much I like Christine Lakin though.  Someone should give her a regular role in something. 

Glee hasn't ended it's season yet but it did take another giant step away from fun entertainment and toward unbearable self-satisfaction and preachy emotional manipulation at the expense of coherent storytelling and consistent characterization.  Did I cry at the funeral? Yes.  My heart is not made of stone.  But just because I'm easily manipulated (I seriously cry at everything, you guys) doesn't mean I mistake sappiness for quality.  Can Lea Michelle sing the fuck out of a Barbra Streisand song? Yes. Do I love Funny Girl to hell and back? Yes.  Would I pay cash money to hear Amber Riley sing "Try A Little Tenderness" twice a week for the rest of my life? Probably.  But none of that made the episode good. They've ruined this show while keeping just enough things in it that I can stand to keep me from abandoning ship.  I hate them for that.

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