February 25, 2011

Catching Up On Reviews

Remember when I used to write something here every day?  Ah, memories.  I've already made my apologies and excuses for my neglect but what I didn't mention before is that it's not going to improve in the immediate future either.  Why, you ask?  Mind your own business, I say.  Or, I explain that the little sis is visiting on her spring break and I hope to be much too busy doing fun things with her to stop in and post.  But this week isn't over yet and I've still got stuff to talk about so here goes. 

Fringe - Caught up on three episodes over the weekend and holy MOLY does that show know how to creep me out and also make me wish that we could pick and choose people from each world to make one ideal world while the other be destroyed by that wacky contraption.  I'd want to keep Broyles and Walter and Astrid.  But then I kind of want Peter to pick Fauxlivia because she has better hair and I like her Alterna-World peeps so much.  The show gets more interesting every week.

Hawaii Five-0 - It isn't great art or anything, but this is a very fun guilty pleasure show and I could watch Scott Caan stomp around bitching about everything all day long.  The writers are all clearly in love with Alex O'Loughlin.  Every episode is like "he takes off his shirt and then is AMAZING at something that a mere mortal would DIE at the thought of!"  It's hilarious. 

Supernatural - In all honesty, I don't remember the last episode very well at all.  It was a perfectly good episode.  I recal that the wall of supressed torture memories that Death put up when he re-souled him is breaking down and Sam is having some issues.  I know that Ben tricked Dean into coming "home" and then they had a "father/son" talk about how Ben wants to be like Dean but Dean doesn't want that to happen and then I decided that Ben should totally do that and be the star of Supernatural: The Next Generation.  Other than that, I don't know what the case of the week was or anything.  Oh, but tonight is the meta ep where Sam and Dean meet Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.  I'm cautiously optimistic about enjoying this one. 

Pretty Little Liars - I'll be honest with you, I don't give a shit who A is.  I just love everything else about the show so much that the identity of A is secondary and completely irrelevant to me.  Hanna is my fave, of course and I'm completely invested in her new relationship with Caleb who, despite his hair, does not suck at all.  I'm super sad for Em because she wants to be BFFs with Toby but he's gone all hos before bros on her with Spencer who totally wants to hook up with Toby now that he's got a hair cut and isn't a murderer.  I'd probably be super bored with Aria and Ezra if they weren't so attractive and Ezra if they weren't so freaking attractive.  Plus this new school play story is teriff. 

One Tree Hill - Last week, after Julian and Brooke spent an entire day engaged in role-playing sex games, Julian realized they had entirely too much time on their hands so they should probably adopt a kid.  This week, they lied to a birth mother who promptly found out that everyone they know has spent time in jail, drinks, used to do coke, attempted suicide, is unemployed and/or has been stalked and nearly murdered by a psycho.  Then she told them they could have her baby.  They should be parents by next week.  Meanwhile, Nathan and Clay hung out with a college pitcher whom I find good looking despite my concerted efforts to the contrary.  He's a douche and a dick and he's up to his ears in daddy issues so naturally he hires them to be his agents.  If OTH's series finale doesn't end with the phrase "...and they all lived happily ever after" on a black screen, I will gasp in shock. 

Glee - Last week was maybe the worst, most cringy episode of the series so far (and there have been some very bad, very cringy episodes) but then this week everyone got drunk and it was fun and awesome.  Drunk Rachel is the best version of her.  Turns out Brittany is the one thing that can make "Key-dollar sign-ha" palatable.  And when Will hangs out with Beiste, I don't hate him very much at all.  Win!

Hellcats - I'm going to tell you what you need to know about this episode, ready?  Dan Patch wore a tux.  Dan Patch has a dad who is every bit as awesome as Dan himself.  Dan Patch and Savannah got back together.  The end. 

The Good Wife - I found this to be a bit of a ramp-up episode.  The calm before the storm of "the vote" next week.  A fine episode but not anything that blew my mind clean out of my head.  But happiness awaits us next week, friends because they're calling for a vote and Bond is going to move that Diane get the boot and OMG, if Will and Diane's plan to turn the tables and bounce Bond comes together like they want, I will dance around with joy.  Y'all know I love me some Diane/Will scenes. 

Justified - I've tried to form coherent words and thoughts about the latest episode but every time I start to talk about it, all I can say is: Walton Goggins.  Walton fucking Goggins.  So I'm going with it.  If you aren't watching this show and you don't know who Walton Goggins is, you should remedy that RIGHT NOW.  The show is great and Walton Goggins is AMAZING. 

The Vampire Diaries - Spring hiatus starts now.  So the bad news is we have a five week wait for new episodes.  The good news is that I can be totally late with my recap due to my vacation but still get one up.  I have many things to say and some of them aren't even "MAAAAAATTTTTTT!"  So I'll see you back here in a week or so for that. 

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