October 13, 2010

Tuesdays are exhausting.

For the first time this season, I really and truly LOVED last night's Glee.  It was ridiculous and funny and insane in all of the ways the show is when it's at its very best.  Of course I cringed when Finn and Rachel sang "With You I'm Born Again" dressed like a minxy little nun-in-training and a priest, but that's what made it so hilarious.  In the end, I think it's a damn good thing that the Rachel/Kurt duet wasn't in the running for the Breadstix gift certificate because that shit would have won in a landslide!  It was about 50 kinds of awesome and I've already re-watched it 6 times today on Hulu (and the original Barbra Streisand/Judy Garland version 3 times). 

One Tree Hill got back to some of it's fun basics when it left the drama cranked up to 11 but also brought back some of the wackiness that makes me love it.  Jamie isn't wrong, Nathan does avoid things, but so long as he keeps owning shoulders that beautiful, he can do any damn thing he wants and I won't argue with it.  I'm glad that Clay is out of the hospital and I'm hoping that part of his healing process involves some time in the sun because that man needs a tan in the worst way.  And I say that as the palest person you've probably ever met.  Brooke was mostly mopey this week but I'm cutting her slack because liquidating your company and divesting yourself of all of your money and possessions is tough enough but being called stupid by the mother who got you into the mess in the first place is likely to make anyone pout.  On the plus side, she shared several scenes with her FRIENDS which sometimes this show forgets to have and also, her hair looked AMAZING at her press conference. 

Speaking of press conferences, kudos to Nate for finding a way to make his "I quit" press conference benefit Mouth.  Our former teenage asshole has turned into quite the classy fellow. 

And finally, in news I suspect no one cares about, Alex is leaving town for a movie and Chase is peeved because she didn't tell him so he broke up with her.  Before that happened, though, Haley booked a concert gig for Mia in Portland to get her out of town and away from her creepy Alex/Chase obsession. 

Oh hey, speaking of a concert in Portland, it just so happens that the radio station that Cate and Ryan work at over on Life Unexpected is hosting a concert - in Portland!  For the first time since those two kids tied the knot, this is an excuse for all of the characters to be in the same place at the same time and they make the most of it. 

The show was firing on all cylinders last night and was a joy to watch.  Cate lied to Ryan about trying to get pregnant.  Baze and Lux both found out that Cate and Ryan were trying (but not really) to get pregnant and both kind of flipped.  Cate and her mom got into a big fight about Cate lying and about being bad mothers and stuff.  Then Ryan found out Cate was lying and they got into a big fight. 

Cate bonded with Haley over
teen pregnancy and baby daddies named Nate.  And then Haley sang something. 

Tasha continued her now two week trend of being likable when she good-naturedly teased Baze about being unable to date anyone who isn't Cate-adjacent because he's still hung up on her and also ribbed Lux about her love life thinking it was about Bug because she doesn't know Lux is hot for her tiny teacher.  The three of them make a pact to all bring a date to the concert.  Baze asks out a file clerk from the office (desperate much?) but then Emma orders him to bring her so she can hard-sell Haley.  Lux asks Tiny Teacher but he's already got a date and also HE'S A TEACHER so instead of bringing a date she has Paige slut her up so she can run into Tiny Teacher and make him jealous.  Good plan except Tiny Teacher's date is Paige who totally looks more comfortable in her sluttiness and is also an actual slut so Lux is SOL.   

Tasha asked Jones to come but it was only because she thought Lux liked him and would never ask herself.  Sweet right?  Well, apparently Jones didn't think I loved

him enough already so, instead of merely being adorable, he is now deeply awesome as well.  He takes being ignored by Lux in stride and spends all his time enjoying Tasha's company then he tells her that she's fun and pretty and he agreed to come with her because he wanted to come WITH HER and then they kiss and Ben Lee sings three songs.  Yay! 

I expected to be really upset by that but since Lux totally doesn't deserve him and Tasha is suddenly likable, I'm in favor of this development.  You know who isn't though?  Lux.  She sees them kissing and flips her lid.  The two of them have a fight during which Tasha tells Lux that she can quit her whiny complaining about Cate, Baze, Ryan and Jones any fucking second because they're all awesome and Tasha loves them and Lux can take her selfish ass to HELL!  Well, I may have paraphrased but that was the upshot. 

Cate and her mom make up.  Cate and Lux make up.  Cate and Ryan make up.  Baze and Emma develop sparks (right after she totally hinted that she spent four or more years of her life having an affair with his dad!).  Cate and Baze make up.  Lux and Tasha make up.  Everyone is happy. 

Next week we finally see the skeleton in Ryan's closet (because he needed so bad to be a little less perfect) and find out who the hell Julia is.  

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