October 11, 2010

Weekend in Reviews

Sometimes there is a movie which gets so much lavish praise that I expect to be disappointed in it.  Like, everyone loved it so much that I know I can't possibly like it as much as they did and I'll be so bothered by how short if fell of every one's raves that I'll resent it and hate it.  The Social Network is not that movie.  I mean, I didn't love it the way everyone else in the world seems to, but I liked it enough so that it didn't piss me off.  

The movie is pretty pleased with itself but it's about a couple of guys who are really pleased with themselves so it works on a sort of meta level. The Sorkin-y dialogue was mostly unobtrusive (save for the opening scene where it was like being hit over the head with the complete West Wing DVD box set) and the directing was mostly in the service of telling the story as opposed to trying to show off how good it was regardless of the movie itself.  The acting - particularly by Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield - was really compelling and managed to make me interested in a story about an asshole, a douche bag and a doormat. 

Despite all the good things I can say about it, there were flaws aplenty (if Stanford Ass can name one of the two founders of Napster, I guarantee you that it isn't Sean Parker!) and it wasn't the best movie I've seen this fall so don't go into it thinking it is because you will be disappointed. 

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