October 16, 2010

THAT'S more like it!

Better late than never, right?  I was REALLY sick so I've only just found the strength to form thoughts, let alone write them down.  It actually works out that there was a rerun this week because now my embarrassingly-late recap goes up in time to bridge the gap between new episodes.  Anyway, the fifth ep of The Vampire Diaries was a drastic improvement over the fourth.  I'm well aware that I was in the minority of people who thought that "Memory Lane" was a steaming pile, but after that disappointment, I was so relieved at how awesome this episode was. 

This week opens in the recent past as we see the events that transpired to turn Mason into a full-on werewolf.  Seems that a year ago, one of his friends became suddenly and violently sure that Mason was fucking his girlfriend and in the ensuing fight, Mason accidentally cracked his friend's head wide open in the parking lot.  The friend was kicking Mason's ass pretty good so it was self defense but, as he tells Tyler, that doesn't matter - someone died and it was his fault so the curse is activated and now, every time there's a full moon, he becomes a homicidal wolf. 

Having told Tyler what he wanted to know, he'd like Tyler to keep his end of the bargain and fork over the moonstone now.  Ty opens the floor safe and acts surprised when it isn't there.  He asks his uncle again why he wants it and Mason lies, again, and says that it's just sentimental. 

Meanwhile, Elena is filling Jeremy in on the Lockwood curse and how they know for sure that Mason's a werewolf but they don't really know any more than that.  Then Jeremy leaves and Stefan sneaks up on Elena and they talk about how much they hate fake fighting and being fake broken up.  They discuss what their fake-fight code will be as follows: when he says "I can't do this anymore, Elena" what he'll mean is "I love you" and when she says "fine, Stefan, whatever" she'll mean "I love you too."  Now that the plan is in place - smoochies.  

Over at the Forbes House of Bickering, Sheriff is taking the day off for the Historical Society Volunteer Picnic with Caroline.  Caroline is bitchy to her mother, as is her way.  Sheriff asks why Elena was over so late and Caroline is all "she wasn't...oh wait, ELENA, yes, she was...um...drama, with Stefan.  NOTHING!  What?"  Because it's confusing how sometimes Katherine is supposed to be Elena.  Sheriff notices that that was even weirder than her daughter usually acts so she asks if every thing's ok with Caroline, because she's been "different" lately.  In response to these reasonable and perfectly nice questions from her mom, Caroline is bitchy.  Teenage girls are a slim slice of hell on their best days, I can not even imagine how much it must suck to live with one who's also a vampire.  Yikes! 

The Historical Society is out using the dough generously donated by the Fell family to make a new park.  That means that a whole bunch of very attractive extras are carrying around trash bags and flats of flowers and generally milling about looking busy.  Mason is unloading boxes from his SUV when Stefan ambles over for a chat.  Mason notes that Stefan's "the nice" Salvatore brother and in return, Stefan would like to apologize for that time his brother stabbed Mason in the heart.  He offers an olive branch hoping to call a truce so that no innocent people get hurt.  Mason quite rightly notes that he made that offer himself last week but Damon turned him down and also stabbed him, so he's not feeling all that friendly anymore.  Stefan is apparently all out of patience so instead of trying to talk him into it or any of the rest of the stuff he usually does, he just goes straight to threats.  He mentions that since Mason is only strong enough to kill a vampire during a full moon, he poses little threat to the brothers Salvatore and their friends until next month, so if he doesn't keep his hot ass in line, they'll rip him limb from limb.  Mason reluctantly shakes on it and walks away. 

As Mason leaves, Damon arrives.  Stefan says he negotiated peace and Damon crabs because he doesn't want peace.  They get all brotherly and start arguing about how Damon's a butthead and Stefan's no fun.  I'm paraphrasing, obviously, but that's the upshot. 

At The Grill, Jeremy is sketching (and being checked out by a friend of Amy's [formerly known as New Girl]) and trying to think of something to say to Tyler.  He settles on "hey man, how've you been?"  I guess that's better than "so, I hear you're a werewolf."  Tyler is all surly, because that's his default setting, but Jeremy perseveres.  He says he hasn't seen Tyler since Mr. Mayor's memorial when they bonded over what a dick Mr. Mayor was. No response from Tyler so Jeremy starts to walk away. Tyler realizes he's being an asshole and apologizes.  They chat like they actually get along and then Amy arrives at the table, with her Jeremy-crushing friend in tow, and says she got Tyler's text (he texted her from across the restaurant?  Lazy much?) and despite the fact that she told him last week that she doesn't like him, due to her all-consuming love for Matt, she's totally down for getting daytime drunk at his place while his mom and uncle are out building a park.  Amy invites her friend along and Tyler invites Jeremy along so now it's a sad, weird double-date. 

Park In Progress (which, by the way, already looks like a park to me, but whatever).  Mason asks Sheriff (who's off duty and would therefore like to be called Liz, so both Mason and I are going to oblige her) for a moment of her time to discuss the council, which she'd prefer to pretend doesn't exist even though they both know it does.  They go through a bunch of blah blah blah before he tells her that she has 2 vampires living right under her nose and she scoffs at the idea.  Then he tells her that the vamps in question are the Salvatores and she's all "nuh uh!  Damon is my best...my ONLY friend and he's totally helped me kill vampires and he's ON THE COUNCIL so you just shut it mister!"  He won't give up and starts talking sense to her, except it's sense I don't really understand how he knows - like he mentions how the vampire attacks began when Damon and Stefan came back to town but that was about 9 months before he dropped back into the Falls so how the hell does he know when they got there?  Whatever, advancing the plot, I'm going with it.  Liz points out that she's seen them in the sun many times and he posits that they've evolved (because I guess he didn't watch Buffy or Angel and therefore doesn't know that jewelry is always the most likely explanation for daywalking vampires).  She simply refuses to believe it so he tells her he'll prove it, and we're whisked into a commercial break.

After the break, Caroline and Elena are talking while they "paint" something at the Park In Progress.  Caroline is regaling Elena with the story of how she and her mom spent the morning arguing because, as she puts it, "I was a bitch, which is par for the course with us."  I love how Caroline can be really awful but she's self-aware enough to know she's awful and then feel kind of bad about it after the fact.  Anyway, Elena is distracted from the conversation because she's pretty preoccupied with staring at Stefan.  Caroline takes the opportunity to nose around in their relationship as she's been ordered to do by Katherine, and Elena, who knows that Caroline is spying for Katherine, reiterates that Stefan is pushing her away and the two of them aren't talking.  Caroline pretty clearly feels bad for Elena and tries to comfort her by mentioning that it probably is for the best that they stay away from each other on account of how Katherine is a homicidal maniac and totally would kill everyone they care about.  Sad eyes all around.

Damon stops over to chat with Liz and ask what her earlier confab with Mason was all about.  He's all friendly and helpful and gorgeous - seriously his eyes are so ridiculously beautiful they're practically other-worldly - but Liz kind of acts squirrely and Damon becomes genuinely concerned by how upset she seems.  Liz lies that she's just worked up about the fight she had with Caroline earlier and Damon asks if there's anything he can do to help, when she declines and walks away, he looks after her and seems worried about her but also a little dubious.  It's pretty clear from that exchange that the two of them really do consider each other friends. 

In the Fake-Painting Gazebo, Caroline notices that Elena and Stefan are exchanging meaningful glances and tries to stop Elena from going to talk to him but fails.  Damon arrives then and asks why Caroline is such a bitch to her mom.  Caroline blows him off...but not in the fun, dirty way...and then the two of them stand there with their vamp-hearing turned way up and listen to Elena and Stefan fake another fight.  The love birds bust out their code speak from earlier so we know they're really telling each other "I love you" but eaves dropping vamp ears will think they're breaking up...some more.  Damon snarks and Caroline runs off to check on Elena. 

Lockwood house.  All of a sudden Amy is all kinds of flirty with the hot boy she shot down mid-make-out last week because she liked his best friend.  She apologizes for "slutting it up" with him and denies that she's "like that" but what she should be apologizing for is blue-balling him, because I can guarantee that he doesn't mind her being slutty but what he doesn't much care for is her slamming on the breaks while he has a Louisville Slugger in his pants.  I do not care for Amy.  At all.  Tyler is a lot more chill about it than I would have guessed and when she asks "friends?" he says "yeah, sure."  In the other room, Annoying Friend is being way too giggly and flirty with Jeremy and then spots the tiniest corner of his sketchbook sticking out of his backpack and goes in for a snoop.  Jeremy doesn't want to show her but Amy and Tyler both insist they want to see too so Jeremy hands it back over to Annoying Friend who flips through to find a different sketch of a wolf on every page.  Tyler's eyes dart around uncomfortably and Jeremy watches him.  Tyler tries to play it off by taking the book himself and faking nonchalance.  Jeremy, also trying to act "normal," asks if Tyler still draws.  "A little, but not much," Tyler says while he peruses the pictures and looks like he wants to barf.  "Uh, I've got something I'm actually working on.  Come on, I'll show you," he tells Jeremy and Jeremy fake-casually follows while the girls stand around being useless. 

Tyler leads Jeremy into the office and shuts the door behind him.  I paused for a second to type and when I looked back up I was reminded how hot Jeremy and Tyler are.  Woof!  Anyway, Tyler takes this opportunity to accost Jeremy, throw him up against the wall, choke him a little and inquire why he's drawing wolf pictures.  "Because.  Because I know," Jeremy says.  Tyler lets Jeremy go and asks WHAT Jeremy knows.  "I know what you are."  Oh my God you guys, that was SUCH a good scene between McQueen and Trevino. 

PIP.  Mason is getting a glass of lemonade from a smitten extra in an ugly shirt when Damon wanders over.  Damon snarks and Mason goes out of his way to be nice.  It was bizarre in a way I can't even explain but suffice to say I just watched the brief exchange 4 times and every time I was left with an overwhelming desire to see the two of them make out.  I'm not even sure why.  When Mason is gone, Stefan comes over hoping aloud that Damon and Mason just bonded.  Oh good, it's not just me, Stefan thought that was kinda hot too.  Damon's always scheming and thinking about at least three things at once so he immediately shifts gears to ask why Stefan and Elena are fake fighting.  "Oh come on, Stefan.  You and Elena don't fight.  Especially not over me," he says by way of explaining how he knows this drama is of the faux variety.  Stefan tells him to drop it and Damon...does.  Wow, that was easy.  The little girl in the ugly shirt offers Damon some lemonade and Damon accepts and promptly takes a large drink before choking and spitting it out everywhere because Mason doused it with vervain.  Stefan tries to help his brother while Liz looks on from across the PIP and looks heartbroken.  Woops!  

Over by some falls, but not THE falls, Elena is sitting on a rock, looking contemplative and beautiful when Caroline joins her and asks if she's alright.  Caroline tries to suggest that the breakup could be for the best and I get the feeling it's as much to cheer up her friend as it is out of fear of what will happen to her if she doesn't follow Katherine's orders.  Elena doesn't really care why she's saying it, she doesn't agree and it pisses her off.  Then she gets a hold of herself and apologizes for "taking it out" on Caroline.  "You were just being a good friend," Elena says (she's very skilled with the guilt trips, this one).  Caroline feels it and confesses, "No I'm not.  I'm not being a good friend at all."  And she'd probably come even cleaner if she didn't spot her mom on her cell, heading away from the PIP at that moment.  Caroline starts in Liz's direction to investigate while Liz tells one of her deputies to get his partner and meet her at the entrance to the park and bring the...something suspicious and vampire-related that she does not say aloud.  Caroline takes this opportunity to pick another fight with her mom about choosing work over spending time with her which is so perfectly teenagery since Caroline herself spent all of her time with her friend and not her mother.  Caroline tells Elena, in a very suspicious tone, that something is up with her mother.

Meanwhile, Damon is trying to rinse the vervain out of his mouth and is getting more violently angry by the second.  Stefan is doing his best to calm him down but Damon isn't having it and then Stefan switches gears and agrees that Mason's attempts to expose them makes him public enemy number one and they should, in fact, kill him.  Damon's face at that moment is so fantastic I want to take a picture of it, blow it up a million times and wallpaper my hall with it.  It's like a combination of "are you KIDDING ME?" and "this is the best news I've ever heard!" with a dash of "OMG, we ARE related!" all covered in "ok, but can I be the one to 'pull the trigger' because it's been a really long time since I got to kill someone and I miss it."  As luck (and contrivance) would have it, Damon spots Mason at this very moment taking two large trash containers into the woods...as you do.  The brothers follow. 

Elsewhere in the woods, Caroline is leading Elena up a hill and looking very worried.  Elena asks what they're doing and Caroline tells her that she can hear better from up there.  She concentrates and listens while Elena wonders what she's listing for and Caroline can only explain that something is wrong but she isn't sure what.  Caroline sorts through the various noises in the PIP - a lawn mower, hammering, kids laughing, leaves rustling - and on that last one we find Mason futzing with a big pile of leafy branches in a clearing while his trash containers watch from a safe distance.  The brothers set upon him from opposite sides simultaneously.  (Dirty!)  There's a few seconds of menacing before Mason ducks and Damon and Stefan are shot by an unseen assailant.  Caroline hears this and gasps, "Oh God!"  Elena asks what's up and Caroline just says "Stefan and Damon," before running off to find them with Elena freaking out and following behind.  Liz shoots the brothers full of vervain.  Commercials. 

Woods.  Each deputy has a Salvatore slung over his shoulders while Mason leads the way to the Old Lockwood Dungeon and Liz follows with her gun full of wooden bullets.  Down they all to into the "old slave quarters from the original Lockwood house."  Once in the dungeon, Mason makes sure that Liz intends to kill them and Liz confirms that is the plan and therefore he should amscray for his own protection, legally speaking.  Before he leaves, he turns around to sexily implore her not to take any chances. 

Elena follows as Caroline tracks the brothers through the woods.  Just as Car has found some blood-covered leaves, Mason pops up and asks what they're doing there.  Elena suspiciously asks if he's seen Stefan and he says that, in fact,  he has seen both Stefan and Damon, all the while his eyes fixed on Caroline.  Elena asks where they are and Mason, his purple-shirted shoulder muscles appear straight from heaven in the filtered sunlight, says that he'll let Car "sniff 'em out," and then rudely asks "does your mother know what you are?"  When Caroline makes to lunge at him and rip his head off (I'm guessing), Mason grabs Elena in a choke hold that worries me quite a bit as Elena's neck is roughly 1/4 the size of his bicep so I feel like he could kill her if he accidentally flexes.  Caroline says that she could take him, he disagrees.  In a blur she has him pinned against a tree while she knees him in the groin.  He goes down, natch, and she kicks him across the clearing into another tree.  Our Caroline is awesomely bad-ass, you guys!  I love it!  Elena is a little freaked out by this sudden show of female ass-kickery but when Caroline suggests they go find the boys, she follows with a quickness.  Mason stays there and writhes in pain. 

Dungeon.  Damon is starting to come 'round while Liz and her deputies stand over him, guns drawn.  Stefan is still out cold.  She'd like Damon to know she means business, so Liz shoots Damon just above the knee before telling him that if he answers her questions, she won't shoot him...anymore.  "How many of you are there?"  Damon doesn't answer but instead begs her to stop.  She shoots him in the other leg.  "How did you fool us?  How do you walk in the sun?"  He's still screaming in pain from that last shot and can't answer as quickly as she'd like, so she shoots Stefan another time in the chest.  I don't recall that being part of the deal she set up a minute ago.  Must have been in the fine print.  Stefan, his furry forest creature diet having given him much less strength than his brother, remains motionless and unconscious.  Damon looks on with concern and the sheriff tells him that she will drag this whole thing out painfully if he doesn't cough up some answers.  "But you're my friend," he says, sadly.  She angrily tells him that their friendship was a lie. Aw, sad.

The girls are just arriving topside now, and Caroline hears her mom order the deputies to kill the boys. She tells Elena what's going down and Elena rushes in to stop Liz. Caroline argues that she can't go in there because then her mom will know what she is, so Elena goes in without her. Liz hears something in the dungeon and sends the deputies to check it out as she guards the door with her gun at the ready. Elena bursts in and whacks one of the guards square in the face with a 2X4. Liz asks what the hell Elena is doing there and while she explains that she won't let Liz kill her boyfriend and her...other boyfriend, a deputy shoves her away and holds her at gunpoint. Suddenly, a little blond blur starts running around the room and making scary noises (hee!) and all the people with guns get the wiggins. Liz wants to know who else is there and before Elena can answer Caroline vamp-speeds over to a deputy, flings his head back and takes a bite out of his neck. The other deputy is a tad too quick on the trigger as he starts shooting at Car while his partner is still IN FRONT OF HER, thereby killing his friend with a chest full of wooden bullets. Across the room she speeds, handily knocking second deputy out and finally making eye contact with her mother who is massively freaked - by the fact that her daughter is a vampire and also a very messy eater.


When we return from commercial, Stefan has regained consciousness and is being tended to by Elena because he's in excruciating pain, Damon is getting his strengthback to adequately heal post vervain/wooden bullet cocktail, and Caroline is sitting in the corner, her face still covered in deputy.  Gross.  Damon suggests that Stefan have a little deputy blood so that he can, you know, get up and be helpful, and Caroline concurs.  Stefan and Elena both insist he's fine without it.  Damon gets up and assess the situation, deeming it most unfortunate.  Caroline begs her mom not to tell anyone that they're vampires, trying desperately to appeal to her motherly-love instincts.  Liz cries and says that she can't take "this" and would like Damon to kill her rather than let her live knowing these people she cared about are bloodsucking monsters.  Damon rather creepily notes that she was willing to make his death long and painful as Caroline, Elena and Stefan protest frantically.  He immediately announces, "Relax guys, no one's killing anybody," before he turns back to Liz and kindly notes, "You're my friend."  They all agree they've got to clean up the current mess.

Back at the Lockwood house, Jeremy is examining the moonstone and asking Tyler what it is.  Excellent question, Jeremy.  I've been wondering that for 5 episodes.  Unfortunately, this isn't the day we find out.  Tyler says only that a few minutes with Bing has told him that it's a natural rock that's supposed to have all kinds of supernatural legends attached to it.  Jeremy wonders why he didn't just give it to his uncle and Tyler tells him it's because "he wants it.  I'm a dick that way."  Yes you are, Ty.  Jeremy and I both kind of love that about you.  Tyler says, "It's important to him for some reason but...I don't trust the guy so I'm not just gonna hand it to him."  That's when the idiot girls barge into the room, ruining this great bonding moment between the two very hot boys.  Amy snatches the moonstone out of Jeremy's hand and then acts all "cute," trying to hide it and make Tyler come get it.  Look, bitch, either you want to "mess around" with Tyler or you don't, but stop sending mixed signals.  It's incredibly agro for the rest of us so I can only imagine how much it's pissing off Captain Blue Balls over there! 

Anyway, Amy has passed the stone on to Annoying Friend who is now running up the stairs with it requesting that Jeremy come take it away from her.  Tyler's patience is wearing thin.  He goes up after her, meeting her on the landing and wrenching it out of her hands, accidentally shoving her down the stairs in the process.  She pretends to be dead which spurs some very meaningful and panicked looks between Tyler and Jeremy before she hops up, giggles and skips away.  I hate her.   

The fang contingent is back at the Salvatore Manse where Caroline has just arrived with a suitcase full of her mothers things, noting that she didn't know what to pack because she didn't know how long her mom would need to be there.  Elena expositions that it'll take up to three days for the vervain to leave her system.  As the girls walk through the house, Stefan joins them.  Caroline greets him, sweetly asking, "Get some bunny in ya?"  To which Stefan replies, "yeah, feeling much better.  Thank you."  I am in LOVE with that exchange.  I've already watched it about 27 times and plan to watch it several more.  "Get some bunny in ya?" is the most amazing question ever.  I also need to mention that Car changed while she was at home and is now wearing a grey cardigan with little green turtles all over it.  Do what you will with that information, it just seemed worth mentioning. 

Down in the basement, in that room they always hold their hostages in, Liz is on her cell phone telling someone at the station that she'll be out for a few days because she has a stomach bug.  When she finishes her call, she hands the phone to Damon who's standing guard.  He thanks her and tries to make friendly conversation.  "It's not exactly the Ritz, but it's secure.  I brought you good thread count."  I love a man who understands thread count!  "Once the vervain's worked its way out of your system, I will compel you and you will forget everything, and you will be a free woman."  She doesn't acknowledge any of what he's just said and instead, just as Car, Elena and Stefan are coming down the corridor toward the room, she asks Damon to keep Caroline away from her.  "I don't want to see her."  Damon shoots a glance toward Caroline at the door and, in that tone of voice he uses when he's taunting someone he says, "She's your daughter, Liz."  But Liz says that her daughter is gone.  Damon drops all taunting and sarcasm and slips into his rarely used sincerity, "You have no idea how wrong you are about that."  Damon looks regretfully at Caroline who doesn't meet his gaze.  She sets down the suitcase and hurries out of the basement, Elena hot on her heels. 

Stefan starts after the two of them as well but gets distracted as he passes the blood fridge.  He opens it up and takes a bag in his hand, staring at it longingly.  Naturally, this is when Elena comes back to tell Stefan something.  She sees him with the blood and gets worried.  He mentions that he's thinking he could try Katherine's vervain-immunity trick with blood taking a little each day until he built up a tolerance for it.  I see where he's going with this line of thought but I don't see how that would work unless he mixed it in with his bunny blood because the problem he had last year was that as soon as he got a TASTE of it, he was so hooked he couldn't stop himself from drinking it constantly.  Elena doesn't make that argument and instead focuses on how he's been fine without the good stuff for years and he shouldn't take it any more because holy MOLY is he not fun to be around when he's abusing the human blood.  He argues that he nearly died tonight because his diet makes him weak.  He insists that human blood is the only chance he has of protecting her from Katherine.  He is not wrong about that.  She taps her ear, indicating that super nosy super ears are listening and asks if they can talk about it elsewhere.  "He can hear us wherever we are, because he drinks this!" he shouts.  He goes a little scary-shouty-man and both Elena and are a little wigged by it.  She runs away.  I stick around to watch him brood a second before we go to our final commercial break. 

Elena finds Caroline upstairs, crying, and offers to take her home.  Caroline says she's afraid to go home and Elena wonders why.  "Katherine's gonna be there.  And she's gonna want me to tell her...everything that happened today.  She told me I had to spy on you and report back to her."  Elena confesses that she knows all of that and that she's been really mad at Car for it.  But she also says that she thought about how Caroline could do this to her and to Stefan, "because, he's been such a friend to you."  Caroline cries a little harder and Elena asks, "Who did she threaten?"  Caroline confirms what I've suspected when she tells Elena that it's Matt who's life may hang in the balance.  If that bitch kills Matt I will come UNGLUED!  The girls agree that they should all be very scared of the bitch in question and then they both wonder what the hell it is that Katherine wants.  "That's the million dollar question," Elena says. 

Mason is pacing the floors at the Lockwood abode, leaving a voice mail for Liz to inquire if things turned out ok in the dungeon since he didn't see her back at the PIP.  As he hangs up the phone, Tyler comes in and announces that he almost killed a girl today.  Mason looks shocked, worried, and incredibly hot.  Tyler explains that it was an accident and that he was freaked because for a split second when it all went down, he wished she would die (me too!  Wishing she was dead might not be a subconscious desire to become a werewolf at all, Ty.  It might just be because that chick is odious).  Tyler declares that he doesn't want any part of this wolfy horseshit and then he gives Mason the moonstone.  Mason thanks him and as Tyler walks away, Mason fondles the stone and makes really unsettling faces.

Elena tucks Caroline in on the couch in front of the giant fireplace at the Manse.  She runs into Damon on her way out, she tells him that Caroline is sleeping on the couch and he asks where she'll be sleeping.  She says she's going home.  Just as she gets to the door she turns back, "What you did for Caroline's mom - that's the Damon who was my friend."  Between the extreme beauty of his face and how that charcoal v-neck tee is caressing him so perfectly in all the right places, I might have lost consciousness momentarily just then.  When I come back to my senses, he's telling her that "Stefan didn't drink the people blood" but he does need to, and deep down she knows that.  She comes back in the house and finds Stefan.  "Do you really think you can control it?" she asks him.  He's not sure but it's really the only idea he's got.  He tells her he just needs a few drops every day and she agrees that it's worth a try but she thinks that she should help him.  She cuts her palm and offers it up to him.  I suppose that was meant to be all romantic and shit but it just seemed stupid to me because a) when he's sucking, he's getting more than a few drops, and b) as I mentioned before, it should be mixed in with his bunny juice so that he doesn't get hooked on the yumminess of it again.  But I will concede that I may be applying a touch more realism to the situation than the majority of the audience is going to.  He sucks her palm, vamps out, pulls back and then the two of them settle in for some sexy time. 

Out in the woods, Mason is slinking toward a black car, parked conspicuously with it's lights on.  He slips into the passenger seat and Katherine turns to him, annoyed, and tells him she's been waiting.  We instantly flash back to that night last year in Florida when Mason killed his friend.  Just as Mason is realizing that Jimmy is dead and his eyes flash wolfy, Katherine arrives.  "Mason?  What happened?" she asks, in the sort of sincere, caring tone you'd expect from Elena, but not Katherine.  Mason tells her how Jimmy attacked him because he was sure that Mason had been slipping Marla the high hard one.  Katherine is nonplussed but that's when I knew that poor Jimmy had been set up by the evil Katherine - she compelled him to believe completely that Mason was nailing his woman and to pick a fight with Mason knowing that Mason's werecurse-induced anger management and impulse control issues would force him to fight back and that he'd likely kill his attacker.  Poor Jimmy was Katherine's sacrificial lamb.  Katherine hugs Mason and makes evil, manipulative, bitch eyes over his shoulder as she comforts him. 

Back in the car, Mason moves in for a kiss but she stops to lecture him about staying away from the Salvatores and stop trying to get their smokin' asses staked.  He doesn't know why she even cares and she claims it's because she doesn't want him to be distracted from his mission of finding the moonstone.  He grins and tells her that mission has been accomplished and then they make out in a way that may have prompted some tingly feelings down there.  Man, if there is a better job in all the world than Nina Dobrev's I can't for the life of me imagine what it is. 

Just one last, random thought - does anyone else think the moonstone looks like a bar of soap? 

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