July 26, 2010

My New Favorite Thing Ever

As has become standard, several movies and TV shows make a showing at the San Diego ComiCon either to drum up interest (Salt) or because the show's core audience are the same group of "geeks" that dig what's happening at a Con to begin with (Big Bang Theory, Green Lantern, etc.).

Among the TV shows in attendance was Fringe (it's scifi nature puts it in the second category, obvs) which meant that Joshua Jackson, my future husband, was there. While in San Diego he hosted his own Pacey-Con in a park across the street from the convention center that was hosting the main event. Josh reportedly read aloud from Pacey-related fanfic and signed autographs while the Dawson's Creek theme song played.
Now obviously this entire story makes me smile because it's hilarious (and was, I'm told, all part of a Funny Or Die video), and because it involves Josh, but what catapults it into the rank of my favorite thing ever is that he wore a Pacey shirt and combed his hair down a la Pacey's late-'90s 'do.

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