July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

July 25th is apparently Pretty Lady Day. Who knew?

Shantel van Santen, who plays Quinn on One Tree Hill, is 25 today.

Kate Beckinsale, whose hair is probably the most enviable thing I've ever laid eyes on, is 37.

Sandra Bullock turns 46 today. There's really nothing to say about how awesome she is that hasn't already been said so I'll just say that she's a great example for how a woman should rise above it when she's handed a pile of shit.

Helen Mirren, who might be the hottest sexagenarian on the planet, is 65.

And because the exception proves the rule, I might as well mention that Taylor Momsen is turning 17 today. Last week she was talking to some magazine or other about her "style" (ironic quote alert!) and said that she still wears things from "fucking middle school." She was, I gathered, trying to make the point that she uses "old pieces" along with new in her wardrobe but since middle school was 3 years ago for her, I was once again overcome with an urge to slap her and tell her to keep her fucking mouth shut. And also to petition the government to get her a parent who can actually PARENT.

Ahem. Happy birthday, ladies...and Taylor!

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