March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday

Adorable Brittany Snow, who has made some truly enjoyable bad movies (John Tucker Must Die is terrible in the best possible way), turns 24 today.

The incredibly beautiful Juliette Binoche is 46. Why does her skin look 20 years younger than mine?

Kerr Smith, forever beloved by me for his years as Jack McPhee on Dawson's Creek, is 38 today. Upon Googling his picture this morning I discovered that he is possessed of some rather dreamy grey patches at his temples that the creeps at The CW dye out of his hair to keep him looking younger on Life Unexpected, and to that I say, "BOO!" I mean, I know their target audience is 13-25 and perhaps those ladies aren't hot after the greying fellas, but since he's playing a "father" and it just so happens that there are a few of us 30-somethings watching, perhaps those ageists could let some of their actors keep the distinguished greys they look so handsome with. Sheesh!

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