January 25, 2010

Fashion, SAG-y Fashion

The SAG Awards certainly aren't the most-watched awards, but they sure are the most self-congratulatory. This year, the offered up some genuinely amusing moments - I particularly enjoyed when Betty White noted that she'd "had" some of the folks in attendance and later George Clooney came up to present the final award and said "in 1987 I did an episode of Golden Girls, and I'd just like to thank Betty White for her discretion." There were also some awkward, uncomfortable moments - Christoph Waltz's acceptance speech that made no sense and Drew Barrymore's thousand-and-one ums were particularly hard to watch.
But what you can always count on when actors get together to pat each other on the back, is something pretty (and sometimes something not-so-pretty) to look at.

Best Strapless Dress: Kyra Sedgwick. She almost always looks gorgeous and despite the fact that you could kind of see her tan lines, this whole look was a big win for her.
Green With Envy: Lea Michelle is awesome and talented and beautiful (plus, I watched the Glee extras over the weekend and she was captured on video at the Up Fronts saying "Celebrity crush moment - I just met Josh Jackson...and that's really all I can say about that." so clearly she and I would get along famously). She's also young and therefore makes the occasional fashion miss-step. She did not miss-step this time. That dress is perfection on her.

Pretty In Purple: It's a tie! Julie Benz knocked my socks off with this pretty plum number.

And Tina Fey worked the shit out of this royal purple, cocktail dress meets extra fancy office attire that she elevated to perfect awards level with great shoes and bag.

Best of the Blues: Jenna Fischer. She looks comfortable and beautiful in this blue dress with beaded bodice, a snazzy up 'do and minimal but very sparkly jewelry.

Best Patterned, Casual-Yet-Dressy, Fun, and Fabulous: There's a real split on the Internet about this one but I completely love Anna Paquin's dress. I think she looks great in it (and I adore her hair - that blond looks so good on her!) and I like the age-appropriateness of it. Just because it's an awards show, doesn't mean a girl can't dress her age and fun. Too bad the picture I found of her showing the whole dress and her shoes (which, for a change, I didn't hate) has her making a face like she wishes she were anywhere else. I swear, most of the time, she was smiling!

Mother of the Bride Award: Vera Farmiga is a 37-year-old woman but she's dressed like the 58-year-old mother of the bride circa 1954.

You're Almost There: Monique. She looked classy and age-appropriate and pretty but on camera you could tell that her boobs were being squished in unnatural ways. I believe she's on the road to greatness though, and I look forward to what she bring to the Oscars.

It's Ok...Better Than At The Golden Globes: Seems like we should be aiming a little higher though, don't you think? I'm really glad that Sandra Bullock is winning everything, even though I haven't even seen The Blind Side yet (I suck). I just wish that she had a stylist who was giving her better advice about dresses because in the past several months they've either been bad or boring. Your rom-com and action movie ass is winning MAJOR awards, lady! It's time to pull out the big guns!

It Turns Out That Even The Hottest Women Can't Just Wear Anything: Because if they could, Sofia Vergara would pull this off a little better than she does. It's not the worst dress in the world but it's far from good. The colors should have been more similar or less similar (a darker shade of the same red or black and white) or something. I mean, she's still Sofia Vergara but, she's just...wearing something that makes my face squinch.

Dressed Like a Fancy Bag: I happen to think Carey Mulligan is about as cute as they come. If I had her face, I'd wear my hair just like that too - short and bangy and simple - because it suits her wonderfully. But her dress was so weird the way it gathered or cinched or something at the knee on one side? It reminded me a lot of those fancy dress handbags that are a little gathered sack? Oh Carey, don't be a bag lady!

She Got It Almost 1/2 Right: Drew Barrymore's whole "shocked, humbled, um, um, um" speeches are obnoxious. This is the second one and if she does it again at the Emmy's I'm going to lead the campaign to revoke the awards on the basis that you shouldn't win acting awards when you can't convincingly act appropriately while accepting them. But I'm not here to talk about her behavior, I'm here to talk about her dress...and hair. The bodice of the dress was gorgeous. On the telecast you could see some of the intricacies of it that get lost a bit in the photos and believe me, it was lovely. I believe I would have dubbed the whole dress a winner if not for that extra skirt in the middle which looks like something someone sewed on at the last minute to hide a rip on the butt. She might have received 2/3 credit for the look if her hair didn't look like Helena Bonham Carter did her hair for her.

She's Awesome, But The Dress...Ugh: Betty White is more than deserving of the Life Achievement honors they bestowed. She is hilarious and sweet and wonderful. Her dress though...I mean, all they had to do was take off the blue things and extend the lace the full length of the arms (rather than the odd bands of it that it has now) and it would have been ok. Not great, but the woman is 88 years old and that's kind of how the little old ladies dress so whatever.

Worst Dressed Man: On Friday, Justin Timberlake performed a cover of Hallelujah on the Hope For Haiti telethon that was seriously awesome and I thought "damn, I think I might have to love him now like everyone else." But then Saturday he showed up to the SAG Awards wearing a black tux with a wrinkled blue shirt and I thought "ok, I can go back to being totally ambivalent about him, it's all good." Thanks for that, JT.

Droopy, Dull and Lifeless: Michelle Monahan. God, was this dress so boring it was ugly. It looks like a dripping, dirty, dishrag. If there was a stylist involved in this decision, someone needs to be fired immediately.

When Bad Hair And Accessories Happen To Good People: Joan Allen. Several years ago she wore a beaded orange gown and a banged bob to the Oscars that I still covet to this day (the hair and the dress...and the body to pull of the dress). The vivid memory I have of that makes this even sadder.

Scarlett O'Hara Would Roll In Her Grave: At least when she wore her drapes, she made them into an actual dress first. Julianna Margulies looks like she just wrapped herself up in them toga style and headed out. Her hair isn't even good and that's a damn shame because her hair is consistently AWESOME on The Good Wife.

I Can't Make Up My Mind About This Dress...: When I first saw this dress I thought "boring...this is like the dress version of that stupid backward tuxedo that Celine Dion wore a million years ago." Then I took another look and decided that I appreciated the simplicity of the cut and the beautiful detailing on the hip and the general all-covered-up-with-one-sexy-exception aspect and thought "I hope Blake Lively is taking notes." But after a couple of days and a few more views of the bordering-on-uncomfortable way it lays on her in the front, I am back to thinking maybe I don't like it that much.
...But I Know I Kind Of Hate Her: And I don't care if the line was written for her, the air quotes and eye roll during that "joke" were obnoxious and bitchy.
Best Of The Night: The year that Michelle Williams was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Brokeback Mountain, she wore that yellow dress that was so gorgeous it might be my favorite Oscar dress ever. Diane Kruger's dress here reminds me a lot of that dress (though it isn't quite as stunning in either color or cut) and that's the second reason she wins best of the night. The first is that she accessorizes better than anyone else at the event - with a date that gorgeous by your side, how can you not look amazing?

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