January 26, 2010

Awesome-less Chuck? Still...Awesome.

Captain Awesome was nowhere in sight (except in those Olympic promo car commercials they run each week, which I love, btw) and still last night's Chuck was as fun as ever. Our favorite spy went on his first solo mission, met a girl, took down a professional wrestler/Ring operative, got poisoned, cozied up to a corpse and was generally adorable. Sarah and Shaw engaged in some bickering that culminated in explaining the wedding band from last week and calling Sarah out on loving Chuck. Best of all, Casey helped Morgan get control over the Buy More insurgency using his seriously genius and scary Casey ways. Now Morgan follows Casey around like a puppy and I'm in total love with that dynamic.

You know what else I'm in love with? How good-looking Brandon Routh is. When they were opening that orby thing at the end and he was wearing that grey Annapolis tee with just the front tucked into black belted pants? I swooned so hard I nearly fainted.

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