January 24, 2010

Week In Reviews

A Farewell to Wisdom Teeth – That’s not the name of a movie, book or TV show, but rather how I spent last Friday (January 15th). Three of them yanked clean out. I enjoyed the anesthesia right up until I came to and spent the next 24 hours nauseated. Saturday the pain was totally bearable and I thought I was going to sail through the weekend and be all healed up before work rolled around on Tuesday morning. But then I woke up in the wee hours of Sunday morning writhing in pain. It turns out that often, the worst of the pain comes days after the surgery.

Hello, Flu – Then Monday morning came along and I had lost my voice and had a nagging cough to go along with my aching face. Before the sun set on Monday I was feverish, achy, weak and incredibly tired. Since then I’ve pretty much remained in bed feeling terrible and wishing death would rescue me from this horror. Until today that is. Today I managed to get out of bed and DO SOMETHING (granted that something was laundry and a quick trip to Costco, but still) in 10 days.

Penelope – A fairytale about a girl cursed by a witch to have the face of a pig until “one of her own” loves her. I loved this movie. The lesson of loving yourself and accepting your own flaws is probably aimed at kids or young women (as well it should be) but it was taught with a charming story in an adorable movie and I was glad to be reminded of self acceptance even at my age. Christina Ricci and Catherine O’Hara were fantastic. I’d recommend this movie to everyone.

Meet Bill – I guess I expected a move starring Aaron Eckhart as a befuddled loser with a tenuous grasp on his sanity would be funnier. I did get a couple of chuckles, including the scene of Timothy Olyphant coloring his hair, but mostly it was boring. It felt long and that’s not a good sign because it was just under 100 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend this one, no matter how much you like Eckhart or Olyphant.

Coraline – I didn’t know the story going in and it wasn’t quite what I expected but I enjoyed this little animated feature. It’s a great illustration of why the grass isn’t any greener in someone else’s yard. The animation was lovely and the actors were pretty terrific as well. I give this one a recommendation for folks with kids who are old enough not to be scared by slightly scary witches. And grown ups who like a good G-rated story now and again.

Labor Pains – My need to watch all of the crap movies that Lindsey Lohan stars in is sick. It borders on sadistic really. But there it is. I have to see them, like car accidents, I’m incapable of passing by without looking. This one was slightly better than that one she did about being the luckiest person and then the unluckiest…but only slightly. She’s moderately believable as a massive fuck-up who has to fake a pregnancy to keep from losing her job. And that will be the only compliment I’ll be able to give this one.

The Vampire Diaries – Now I’m all caught up and really hooked. I kind of love this show. It’s all soapy and crazy and awesome. I like the vibe of friendship between Damon and Elena and between Stefan and Bonnie. I like the chemistry that Jeremy has with the new home school girl (Anna?). I’m a fan of mysterious Alaric and I find it interesting that so many people in town know the history and know what’s what yet it’s still somehow a big secret. It’s like Sunnydale up in this ‘berg! My favorite thing on the show though, is the budding relationship between Matt and Caroline. They are pretty awesome together.

The Golden Globes – I’m glad Glee won, though I’m not entirely sure it was the most deserving. All in all, it was kind of a boring awards night with few surprises, few fashion atrocities and few real distractions from my desperate need for the sweet release of death. Do people die of the flu or do they commit suicide to escape it?

Chuck – Broken record time: Captain Awesome is the shit. But I am thus far really digging Brandon Roth’s sexy little spy ass. The season is starting out great all the way around.

One Tree Hill – I totally agree with Julian that Brooke is the one who hasn’t been trying and frankly, as I believe I’ve said before, I think Brooke has been acting like a completely moronic jackass for a good long time now. All of a sudden, I like Alex and Victoria both a lot more than Brooke and it’s disconcerting at best. I’m not sure who dressed Haley on that tour but Nate should beat the person up for making his wife look so…not her best. The real news is that Taylor is back and is now all hooked up with Quinn’s ex-husband. That bitch is bad news and I love it!

Life Unexpected – Just as I suspected, it’s really good. Lux is precocious, but delightfully so. And to my great surprise, Shiri Applebee is pretty damn good as the once-teen aged mother. I’m possibly the only person in the audience actively routing against that schmuck of a bio-dad, Baze and for Kerr Smith’s Ryan, but that’s what I really want to see - the complicated and interesting family that will be result when Cate and Ryan wed and Baze is the full grown adolescent fifth wheel.

Supernatural – Holy CRAP do Sam and Dean look hot in white T-shirts and scrub pants! And praise God they wore exactly that through the entire episode as they checked themselves into a mental hospital (proving they were crazy by telling the doc the truth about their lives and their roles in the apocalypse) in order to help an old friend of Papa Winchester’s (who’s now a permanent resident of the booby hatch) nab a monster whose been offing the patients and making it look like suicide.

Fringe – Peter got infected by a wacky virus and then Walter cured him with horseradish (I’m totally not making that up!) and in the process, he tips his hand to Astrid about how This World Peter is dead and the Peter we know and love is actually Alterna-World Peter. I say lets not give a shit about which world Peter is from and let’s just all do our best to make sure his beautiful self stays on the team and on my TV forever.

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so Sorry you were sick back to back with having your wisdom teeth out. YUCK! I'm glad you're finally better.