February 3, 2009

17 Questions

  1. WTF?
  2. Blair and Nate?
  3. Again?
  4. What the hell happens with Vanessa?
  5. Who thought this was the well we should be going back to already...in the second season?
  6. How many episodes from now is this?
  7. How is Chuck going to take this?
  8. Is there any chance that Chuck and Vanessa will make out to get back at these two? Because I would be totally in favor of that.
  9. If Vanessa did hook up with Chuck, would Blair kill V or C first?
  10. What is up with the loaf of bread?
  11. Nate grocery shops?
  12. Is anyone else trying really hard to picture Nate eating Wheat Thins?
  13. Chuck Bass wears jeans?
  14. That's for a scene where he's only being shot from the waist up right?
  15. Because Chuck Bass doesn't wear jeans, does he?
  16. No seriously, what the hell is the loaf of bread all about?
  17. I know, B. I'm as shocked as you are by all of this! Where can I get that hat?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ok, are we in "what if" land? What if Blair and Nate never broke up. What if Chuck had a different sense of fashion. What if the kids of upper Manhattan really grocery shop, what would they buy? I don't like "what if" land. I like "if I had my way" land. If I had my way, Chuck and Blair would have hot sex every episode. If I had my way Dan would not have an airhead. If I had my way, Jenny would grow her hair back to something that looks half way cute. And most of all, if I had my way, I would have Nate eating those Wheat Thins in the nude, laying on a fur rug in front of a toasty fire. LOL!! Kellygirl XOXO