September 17, 2008

It's Getting Worse

90210 that is. The acting by the young stars is deteriorating at a rapid pace; the quality of the stories dropped off dramatically after the pilot and continues to plummet, which is especially sad when you consider that ep number 3 was almost entirely about bowling and still ep number 4 somehow managed to be even more boring; continuity and the sobriety of the hair and makeup departments no longer exists at all; and I suspect they fired Craft Services completely because the girls on the show don't weight 100 pounds COMBINED!

But lest you think I'm wallowing in negativity, I will say that Grandma Jessica Walter was all over this episode with her hilarity and that almost made watching this episode bearable. Almost.

On a related note - was I the only one who felt disappointed by the reveal that Dylan was the father of Kelly's kid? "You're still in love with Dylan!" is such an annoying line to wrench into the script between Brenda and Kelly anyway but for that to be the way we learn who the mystery absentee "do-gooder" is was just lame.

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Brenda B said...

I have the eps recorded but haven't brought myself to watch them yet... and you're not helping! I was fearful that it would be bad...very bad. I'll try to watch them soon and see if I agree with you (I usually do).

Along the lines of sucking badly - OTH is becoming painful to watch for me. I fast forwarded through all the Dan and the crazy nanny parts because that story line just really bugs me. While watching last nights ep I realized that some how I missed the previous weeks ep. It didn't get recorded on the DVR when I went to bed I realized I had it on Tivo so I'll have to go back and watch it. But seriously they'll have to step it up or I'm going to have to drop them again.