July 7, 2008

Weekend in Reviews

You would think that having a three day weekend would mean I'd watch more movies than usual but you'd be wrong. But I did watch a few things...

So You Think You Can Dance results: You have just got to be kidding me with that bottom three! The only way Courtney and Gev deserve to be in the bottom three over Will and Jessica is if all of America is blind and doesn't understand the concept of dancing. It wasn't at all surprising that Matt and Kourtney went home because the judges had essentially made up their minds the night before about them anyway, but it was still disappointing, especially because Comfort's solo was the worst solo I believe I've ever seen on the show. I was thrilled speechless when Nigel as much as said that no way in hell would either Courtney or Gev be going home that night and even more elated when he acknowledged the awesomeness of Gev's solo which was the best I've seen in a very long time.

The Next Food Network Star: On Thursday my parents had a crowd over to their house for a barbecue and while some people spent their time outside swimming and sunning and playing darts and what-have-you, most of us went out for short periods, decided it was far too hot, and instead hung out in front of the TV with a marathon of The Next Food Network Star. It's an addictive show. I had been hoping that Shane would win but then he was sent home last night so now I guess I'm backing Kelsey or Aaron. Lisa is probably the best cook on the show but her personality bugs like crazy and she just can't seem to get out of her own way when it comes to being on camera.

The Lookout: Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of the best actors around right now. I didn't love the movie and I don't know if I can even say why. The story was pretty good, I cared about what happened to Chris and Lewis. I even felt affection for Luvlee in a strange way. I actually cried a little when Deputy Ted interrupted the robbery. I suspect it was the Bone and Gary characters that were taking me out of it - I don't think it was the fault of the actors, but rather that the characterization of the two that made them (especially Bone) flat and boring and uninteresting.

Mad Money: I knew it was not going to be a great movie going in, but I'm a curious person. The thing about Katie Holmes that I find so strange is that when she wants to be, she's quite a good actress but mostly she just plays the same character (or one of three characters that she keeps at the ready in her repertoire). This movie was one of those stock characters. But let's not put all of the blame for the stinkiness of the movie on Mrs. Cruise because Lord knows that the script was boring and the rest of the cast (save for Ted Danson who I really enjoyed) did nothing terribly great either. It's not that the acting was bad it was just nothing we haven't seen at least a hundred times already from everyone. They're all capable of better and they should stop agreeing to be in crap like this.

Definitely, Maybe: I'm not going to lie to you, I'm predisposed to like everything that Ryan Reynolds is in because I just really, really love Ryan Reynolds. I'm also predisposed to like movies staring Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, Isla Fisher and Abigail Breslin so the odds of me NOT liking Definitely, Maybe were very, very slim. I don't just like the movie however, I love it. I love the story, I love the structure, I love the characters, I love the chemistry between Ryan and Isla and Ryan and Abigail so, so much. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who likes a slightly unconventional love story. I did wish there were more extras on the DVD though, but I enjoyed what they did have including the commentary from the writer/director and Ryan.

Tibby Update: She's healing like a champ but no pictures of her in a cone because she didn't get one. Apparently girl dogs don't really need one most of the time because the incision is up too high for them to bite at anyway.

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