July 11, 2008

Dear Lil C, Stop trying to make "buck" happen. Thank you.

The return of Lil' C and his one adjective approach to choreography (aka: my nemesis the krump) was just one of the things that irritated me about So You Think You Can Dance last week.

Mia's puzzlingly harsh critique of Mark. The judges' continued insistence that Will is the best effing dancer in the history of movement even though I could see every tiny bit of effort he exerted during that "Adam and Eve" dance and then turning around and implying Thayne stunk the whole joint up when he danced a Mandy Moore routine and made it look so easy I thought Comfort may have actually been hologram that weighed literally nothing. Cat's hair on results night. Nigel's creepy comment to Chelsie about the skimpiness of her dress(es).

All irksome on some level or another.

But it's SYTYCD and even the most irritating weeks are better than everything else on TV right now so there was a lot to love.

Chelsie and Mark continue to be awesome in every possible way, as do Gev and Courtney. Josh wasn't so great at the waltzing (his feet were a mess) but he and Kattee saved themselves with a Bollywood routine to close the show that was, as Mia Michaels might say, banoodles. The only way it could have been better is if it had been done as a group routine the way Bollywood dancing should be done (and is done in Bollywood movies), but that's a small quibble.

Speaking of group dances, that was totally meh last week which should come as a surprise to exactly no one who knows how utterly meh I find almost all of Tabitha and Napoleon's choreography.

In the end it was Comfort and Thayne that were sent packing which is exactly who the judges implied they'd send home all night Wednesday. It wasn't a shock but it was a disappointment because in my opinion, Thayne outshone Will last week by leaps and bounds.

The solo's were mostly unremarkable because what exactly were Comfort, Jessica, Will and Thayne going to do this time that we hadn't already seen them do the other 4 or 5 times they found themselves in the bottom three? But Twitch and Kherington were new to the "dance for your life" portion of the show and they were both great. Twitch in particular blew my socks clean off with his "Mad Conductor" routine and reminded me why he'd been my favorite going in. I hope he shows more of that brilliance this week when they shuffle the partnerships.

This week I plan to vote as much as possible for Mark, Chelsie, Gev, Courtney, Kherington and Twitch in my own personal effort to ensure that Will (and Jessica because she really is the weakest dancer left in the competition, though now I feel bad for her because the judges have been downright merciless) goes the hell home so that the weekly tongue baths the judges keep giving him will stop for good. Thank God it's finally out of their hands!

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