June 3, 2008

Where'd the funny go?

So I knocked out another 6 episodes of Felicity last night. James blew through town with his crack addiction, gun and bad acting and Avery camped out on my nerves. The show definitely hit a dark patch here in season three. The first part of the season had a ton of laughs but then Julie left and Felicity got all depressed and all this other sad, dramatic shit happened and the next thing you know Molly is smoking crack with James in the bathroom and he's shooting people up at a Christmas party.

So Avery is trying to get into Ben's pants and is being not at all subtle about it. Noel is back in love with Felicity and is being not at all subtle about it. Tracy had sex with Elena, freaked out and went to Africa and then came back with a new girlfriend he also has sex with. Meghan had a brief flirtation with Sapphic love 4 years ago, Sean found out and they had a fight that led to break-up/make-up number 479. Javier remains woefully underused on the show. Ben is mostly a good boyfriend while Felicity is an insecure, jealous girlfriend who kind of over-reacts at every turn. On the other hand, Ben is a little naive to think that just because he told Avery he's not interested, she's going to stop trying to get up on him. You can't be a friend to a woman who wants in your pants that badly, Ben. Still, my crush on Ben quadrupled in size during the scene in "Girlfight" when he was laying in bed in a white, v-neck t-shirt, black boxers and black dress socks trying to convince a spazzing Felicity that he didn't give two shits if Avery liked him because the only woman in the world he wants to be with is her.

I can think of only one really funny exchange from these last six episodes and of course, that was courtesy of Richard. During "Blackout" when Elena has somehow become convinced that Tracy dumped her because her boobs aren't big enough, she studies a website for women considering augmentation and Richard comes in and finds out what she's doing. After a while he tells her that she really does not need to get a boob job and says "these are fun to look at, I think I've proven that." Also his line when he first walked in and said "now that looks familiar. Not so much the right one, but the left one definitely." Hee!

Stay tuned as Noel sticks his big, fat nose where it doesn't belong and manages to make the most awesome loft in SoHo, the worst place to live in all of creation. There will also be a wedding that leads to a surprise marriage, a disturbing affair, and the most shocking development of all - someone really unexpected decides to become a doctor. Good stuff is ahead.

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