June 13, 2008

If I Ran Hollywood

I can't recall exactly, but I think it was Entertainment Weekly that used to do a semi-regular series called "If We Ran Hollywood" where their writers would muse on the entertainment injustices they'd right if they were in charge of the industry. A few minutes ago, while reading a post at GFY that included Geoff Stults, I was reminded of the concept. As Jessica noted in her post, Geoff is a dreamboat which is why I don't understand why he's not a much more in-demand leading man. I've seen and read interviews by the man and he is funny, self-deprecating, sweet, and down-to-earth. And though it's not a requirement (I'm looking right at you, Nic Cage!), he is a decent enough actor as well. He's probably not going to be winning any prestigious awards (though I wouldn't rule out the occasional Teen Choice or MTV award - those are mostly based on how good you look and he's, you know, dreamy), he does a capable job.

So if I ran Hollywood, I'd cast him in at least one rom-com per year and/or make him the romantic lead opposite Lauren Graham in a television dramedy. Speaking of Lauren Graham, if I ran Hollywood, every role in town would be offered to her first because she's so awesome she can do anything.

As long as we're talking about October Road cast members who deserved better than they got on that show? Brad William Henke. He has been quietly outstanding in small roles in small movies that should have added up to something huge by now but instead he remains this unassuming, fantastic actor who, in all honesty, I think is kind of every-man hot. Evan Jones is another guy who is asked to work in the background much more often than his talent should allow. He always manages to stand out, even when he's not meant to, but what is up with casting folks and directors who don't know enough to put him front and center?

If I ran Hollywood I wouldn't have had to put hotlinks in this post so that people would know who I'm talking about because these men would be HUGE stars.

I wish I ran Hollywood.

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