June 4, 2008

Bad taste? Moi?

Entertainment Weekly (or rather EW.com), a publication I truly and deeply love, has posted a list of the 19 worst romantic comedies of all time. Even though the list was compiled by readers and not the staff, I feel like it has the staff's seal of approval and that makes me sad because it clearly implies that I have bad taste in movies.

Of the 19 they've listed there are two I've never seen, five I genuinely hate, one I saw but had such "meh" feelings for I can't even remember it, five I like enough to watch them again if I happen past them on TV and 6 that I deeply love. Here's the list, you tell me who has bad taste:

Only You - This has been a favorite of mine for many, many years. I think this film was the beginning of my love affair with Europe. It was only the middle of my love affair with Robert Downey Jr.

My Boss's Daughter - This one I'm going to have to agree with them on. This was made well after people should have known better than to cast Tara Reid in anything. Molly Shannon is pretty funny in it but that doesn't make up for it's meer existence.

Someone Like You - I love Marisa Tomei, I love Hugh Jackman, I love Ashley Judd and you know what? I love the ridiculous old cow/new cow story. I wish they'd kept the original title "Animal Husbandry" but even with the less interesting title, I still think it's an immensely watchable movie.

Failure To Launch - I have already mentioned that I'm not a fan. I thought this movie was a waste of time and a massive waste of the talents of Bradley Cooper.

The Holiday - I don't like Cameron Diaz but the charisma of Jude Law cancels out my negative feelings toward her. I like Kate Winslet, I like Jack Black and I defy anyone not to be charmed to their very core by Eli Wallach. I get a lump in my throat just thinking of the scene where he walks himself up those stairs and onto the stage to accept the honors they're so rightly bestowing him.

Bounce - First let me say that I'm not sure how this made the list at all because I was under the impression (and the all-powerful IMDb agrees) that this was a drama, not a comedy, but whatever. So aside from the semantic argument, all I can even recall about this movie was that I didn't think Paltrow and Affleck had an ounce of chemistry.

The Family Stone - There is not one thing about this movie that I don't love. The two things I love more than all of the other things I love? Luke Wilson and Diane Keaton. The scene with Ben and Kelly smoking up on the bleachers, when Ben has sussed out that Sybil is sick? If that doesn't choke you up, you must be dead inside.

Notting Hill - I will grant you that there are some cringe-worthy moments in this movie, not the least of which is "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." I hate that line. But there is no more perfect rom-com leading man than Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts is charming.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs - This is a totally harmless, not-great-but-not-terrible-either movie. It perpetuates the myth that Uma Thurman is super-model gorgeous rather than the truth that she's interesting looking to the point of making her attractive and that Janeane Garofalo is unattractive merely because she's short, dresses somewhat dumpily and doesn't do much with her hair but in all of moviedom, this movie is much more "forgettable" than it is "terrible."

Dog Park - I haven't seen this movie but I really like Luke Wilson. Not that he hasn't made some truly crap movies, has anyone ever seen Idiocracy? If you haven't, please don't, it's atrocious.

What Women Want - The inclusion of Marisa Tomei, Alan Alda, Lisa Edelstein and even Judy Greer does nothing to elevate this movie for me. It's dumb, it's patronizing, it's not very funny and it's not at all romantic.

Because I Said So - Sometimes there is a movie with a cast full of people I adore that I still don't like (see above) but then other times there is a movie, filled with people I adore that isn't very good but I like it anyway. Such is the case with Because I Said So. It's a cheesy movie. The plot is razor thin, the pacing is strange, there seems to be no point what-so-ever to the whole story and in the end, it's kind 0f twisted how Mandy Moore ends up dating her new step-brother. But it's Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton and Lauren Graham and Gabriel Macht and Tom Everett Scott and Colin Ferguson who is, sadly, given NOTHING to do but he's still in it so it counts and I just like it.

The Wedding Date - The first time I saw this movie, I thought it was really awful. I was not wrong. However, I accidentally watched it again and what happened is that I was charmed by Dermott Mulroney who is one of the handsomest men in the universe, and by Amy Adams who could stand in front of a camera and floss her teeth and still be a joy to behold, and by the music of Mr. Michael Buble. Now I kind of love this movie and I watch it...regularly.

Sweet Home Alabama - I'm not going to lie to you, I have never understood why she chose Josh Lucas over Patrick Dempsey when not only is McDreamy the better looking bloke, he was also the nicer, more understanding and attentive suitor. But just because I disagree with her choice, doesn't mean I don't watch the movie when it happens to be on TV because you know what I love? The old guy with the anvils. And also Reese Witherspoon's hair and Partick Dempsey's existence.

Return To Me - Again, I just never thought of this movie as a comedy so if that's what it was aiming for, I guess it's a failure, but not an unwatchable failure. My grandma loves this movie and she usually makes me watch it when she comes to visit and I never feel as if I'm suffering through it.

Forget Paris - I knew this movie was supposed to be funny and yet I didn't laugh once. The thing with the bird stuck to her head? What the hell was that? I whole-heartedly agree that this movie is a smelly pile of poo and I hope that I never have to see even a small snippet of this movie ever again.

27 Dresses - This was possibly the most predictable movie I've ever seen. Strike one. Katherine Heigl went from being cute and likable to being a mouthy, baselessly egotistical bitch pretty quickly when she openly dissed the one movie she'd ever been in that didn't suck (Knocked Up). Strike two. James Marsden is a really believable and likable leading man. Ball one. Judy Greer makes every movie she's in better. Ball two. The entire supporting cast grabs this picture by the boot straps and yanks it up out of the muck by being likable in every conceivable way despite what they're asked to do. Ball three. Though the plot and pacing and story have been done to death, the writing (with a major assist by the acting in a lot of cases) still manages to wring a few genuine laughs out of what is otherwise a very stale offering. Ball four. It's just basic baseball rules folks - this movie squeaks by with a walk.

Summer Catch - I've never seen it but I will say that I didn't watch it specifically because it looked like it was really, truly awful. For whatever that's worth.

Simply Irresistible - Simply unwatchable.

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