April 24, 2008

Picture Perfect

I don't really fancy myself a photographer, just a fan of photography and someone who likes to take pictures of pretty things. I took about a frillion pictures on my trip to Europe in 2006, some of which I'm very proud of, like this one of the Eiffel Tower:

Or this one taken in the town of Oia on the island of Santorini in Greece:
I even got some pictures that I thought were kind of boring so I cropped them and turned them black and white and ended up with something really interesting. This is one of my favorites from that experiment:

There are many more that I loved enough to have them blown up, framed, and hung on my walls and I'm not the only one. Other people have had my pictures blown up and hung in their homes. It's flattering and lovely and it gives me the warmest of fuzzies.

But lately I've fallen completely in love with the photography talents of Dave Cole over at Glark. Whenever you find yourself with scads of free time, you should visit his blog and/or his Flickr page. He's inspiring me to want to carry my camera with me everywhere I go to capture the beauty that happens randomly on the street. He's also inspiring me to write him a note and ask if he'd mind if I have one of his pictures framed and hung in my home.

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