April 22, 2008


My home is now fully equipped with HD television courtesy of DirecTV and because I am incapable of watching television without the aid of a DVR, my living room TV is sporting a brand new HD receiver plus dual tuner DVR. It's bad ass.

Speaking of bad ass - Deb and her boobs came back to Tree Hill last night. Awesome.

Jenny Humphrey is bound and determined to remain a Heather no matter who she has to step on to do it. How could she use Nate and his cute, cute ass that way after he proved he's one only three people on the Upper East Side who likes her no matter what she wears or who she pisses off? (The siblings van der Woodsen being the other two people.)

Chuck continues to be hot in the most disturbing way ever.

I think Zack Addy is Gormagon - or at least Gormagon's sidekick. That makes me sad.

The second season of Friday Night Lights hit stores today. If you haven't already watched this show, do it now. You won't be sorry. It's the best show on TV. The DVDs sell for surprisingly reasonable prices so I recommend buying them if you have some disposable income lying around - that way you can watch them over and over (as I've done already with the first season) - but if you don't, rent them, they're more than worth your time.

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