May 21, 2012

Weekend In Reviews

The Avengers - This movie is insanely Whedony and you either know how and why that's high praise or you don't. If you don't then I'll just tell you that the movie is tons of fun with a well-executed, complex story, excellent action sequences, a ton of interesting character interactions and so much humor. It reminded me a lot of the first Iron Man movie in that whether or not you're prone to enjoying super hero movies, you can almost surely find something to like because the film is just pure entertainment. 

If "Whedony" is a critique that means something to you, then you've probably seen the movie and we can just sit here together and bask in the glow of the "rest" of the world finally taking notice of what we've been saying for 15 years: Whedon is awesome.

Fast, funny, serious and full of action - what more cound you ask for from a super hero movie?

The Ides Of March - I wanted to love this movie but instead I found it fairly predictable and maybe just a little too fond of itself. It was a pretty movie but for every scene packed full of whispered dialogue, there were 4 scenes of Ryan Gosling walking and looking pensive. I mean, I'd actually watch an entire movie of Ryan Gosling walking and looking pensive as long as I knew up front that that's what I was getting.

So it was kind of boring and then when something did happen it was always someone doing something super dicky. And worst of all, the movie wanted me to believe that Evan Rachel Wood is 20. She is not at all believable playing 20. In fact, at this point she's barely believable playing her actual age of 25. It seems like the story could have easily been rewritten for her to play older but instead they kept reminding me she was 20 and I kept thinking they were full of shit.

The movie was ok but on the whole everyone involved has better things to offer.

Revenge - I'm all caught up now. I like that they're beginning to make Daniel complicet in the horrible things that his parents do/have done because I think it'll be that much more enjoyable when Emily finally gets her revenge if no one in the family is merely collateral damage. But I still kind of wish she would not marry him and instead marry Jack because he's the dreamiest.

Minus a marriage to Emily, I just really want Jack and Nolan to hug. And, you know, for Emily and Jack to save Nolan from White Haired Man's murderous clutches.

I'm still waiting for Ashley to become interesting. I had hoped that her job at Greyson Global would help with that situation but sadly, no. Charlotte is still super annoying but she did just buy all the drugs in New York so either she'll get interesting or she'll OD. Shocking development alert: I kind of like Declan now. Connor Paolo toned the "accent" way down and stopped being a childish shithead and just like that, he's bordering on useful. Bring on the season finale craziness!

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