May 18, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I love my traditional fall-to-spring network shows but by this time every year I am ready for a break in the action, stress, drama and insanity. Fortunately, cable networks and a handful of big nets have just the antidote with a summer slate full of fun, pretty shows that are the televisual equivalent of a great beach read. Here's what I'm looking forward to this summer.

Old Favorites:

White Collar (USA, premiers July 10th) - My favorite summer show for sure. Matt Bomer's super-human beauty is a huge selling point but my favorite thing about this show is the Neal/Peter bromance. When last we saw the boys, Neal was skipping town with the stolen booty and seemingly leaving Peter to face possibly severe consequences for ever trusting Neal. It stresses me out SO MUCH when these two fight. Like, I'm not sure I've ever been in a fight of my own that was as hard on me as their fights are. But their manly love is not the only thing I enjoy about the show, it's slick and shiny and smart and fun and the supporting cast is aces (I truly adore Moz, Ellie and Sara).

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox, premiers May 24th) - The only reality show I care about at all and the only competition show the world ever needs (I know, they're fighting words). My exhaustive dance-by-dance recap/reviews of every episode should really tip you off to the fact that I love everything about this show and I really can't wait to start boring you all to death with my opinions about it once again. This year I might talk more about Cat because she deserves it.

Rookie Blue (ABC, premiers May 24) - I love it and I don't care who knows it. It's so Canadian and preposterous (seriously, why does every major crime in the whole of Toronto happen when Andie is on duty?) but who gives a shit because Sam Swarek is the swoon-worthiest TV cop since...well I can't even think of any other swoon-worthy TV cops right now. In conclusion: SAM SWAREK!

Awkward (MTV, premiers June 28th) - So funny and so much better than you'd expect from the network that brought you The Jersey Shore and 16 And Pregnant. I'm Team Matty all the way and I do think ellipses are the sluts of punctuation.

Suits (USA, premiers June 14th) - You know what USA does better than probably any other network? Bromances. As if they know that bromances are just inherently better than all other relationships, they fill their schedule with shows that could easily be called "Bromance: Art Crimes" or "Bromance: Lawyers" and if you want to complain that their shows are generic you go right ahead. I don't care if they are. I love the shit out of 'em. And I can not get enough of Gabriel Mact as Harvey Spector.

Necessary Roughness (USA, premiers June 6th) - Even when there isn't bromance involved, I'm still fairly susceptible to the type of show USA is offering up this time of year. And God help me, I really like Marc Blucas on this show. Mechad Brooks is not terrible to look at.

Jane By Design (ABC Family, premiers June 5th) - Beach read! Fluffy and silly and filled with fashiony goodness.

Leverage (TNT, premiers July 15th) - I like to watch people steal stuff. I dig heist movies and TV shows so Leverage just makes me happy. But can Parker and Hardison just be boyfriend and girlfriend already? Please? 

Melissa & Joey (ABC Family, May 30th) - Don't judge me. 

What's New: 

Bunheads (ABC Family, June 11th) - I'll be honest, the commercials that ABCF has been running for this show do not fill me with excitement. I loved Gilmore Girls but I don't really want to see "Lorelai Gilmore Teaches Ballet." And I certainly don't want to see "Lorelai Gilmore Teaches Ballet and is Played By Someone Who Isn't Lauren Graham." I'm sure Tony Award Winner Sutton Foster is going to be excellent in Bunheads but I don't want her character to be Lorelai minus the teen pregnancy, plus dancing. I hope the show surprises me and is more than just Stars Hollow, CA but I'm not feeling terribly optimistic.

Dallas (TNT, June 13th) - Obviously. Bobby, J.R., Sue Ellen, Lucy and Ray Krebs are all going to be back and portrayed by the same actors who played them in the '80s. Brenda Strong, Julie Gonzalo and Josh Henderson will join them. I mean, OBVIOUSLY.

Breaking Pointe (CW, May 31st) - I just really like watching people dance.

Common Law (USA, May 11th) - This one already premiered so I know I'm going to be watching. Not because it's particularly great, but because it's two attractive guys in a snarky bromance. I hope they spend more time in the therapy sessions in future eps though. I dig the dynamic where they just sit around and argue while the other people in the session ask questions and judge them.

Saving Hope (NBC, June 7th) - Daniel Gillies is in it. If you need more reason than that to watch, you make decisions much differently than I do.

Political Animals (USA, July 15th) - I want to live in a world where Adrian Pasdar is the President, Dylan Baker is the Vice President, Sigourney Weaver is the Secretary of State (and former First Lady) and Sebastian Stan, James Wolk, Ellen Burstyn, Dan Futterman and Carla Gugino are also present and doing things. Since that's not going to happen in real life any time soon, I'm sure as hell not going to pass up an opportunity to watch it happen on my TV.

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