October 28, 2011

Come As You Aren't

Since I've been so full of criticism where The Secret Circle is concerned, I thought it was only fair to balance the scales by saying something nice about the show today. Here goes: I like the way this show kills people.  Yep, I found the deaths of the never-before-seen witch and magic shop owner and Luke both appropriately grotesque and entertaining. 

I think Jake's arrival and subterfuge add a much more interesting element to the show that it desperately needed but I'm still tired of waiting for the deets on what happened 16 years ago.  It's doled out one vague reference at a time and since that seems to be oodles more interesting than most of the kids, it's just about the only reason I'm still watching the show. 

I really don't know how much more of Phoebe Tonkin's labored American accent I can take.  It feels like she has to chew on every word to get it out and when she finally does it's still tinged with Australia around every edge. On the other hand, her interactions with Jake last night were the most interesting thing she's had to do since the show began. 

Finally, filed under the heading "irony is a bitch," I saw evidence of a connection between Adam and Diana for the first time and it naturally came after they'd broken up.  Sigh.

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