September 26, 2011

Week In Reviews

In case you don't already know, I have a job that has nothing to do with watching television or writing about it on this blog.  Occasionally it keeps me so busy that I don't have time to either watch television or write about it on this blog.  Last week was one such time.  But I put my weekend to good use and got caught up so let's talk about things shall we?  

Two Broke Girls - This is a decently funny show.  Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are winningly funny separately and a great combination together.  The supporting cast is less than useless and there are definitely some cringey things happening overall but the laughs out number the cringes which is enough to get it a season pass at my house. 

How I Met Your Mother - I'm still watching this show but I don't think I'll be discussing it here.  My problem with the show is that after 6 years, it still wants to be about Ted and the title of the show despite the fact that I doubt we'll ever actually meet the freaking mother and Ted is intolerable.  I love Marshall and Lily and Robin and Barney but I can't take Ted.  So I'll keep watching but then I'll keep my annoyed opinions to myself.

Ringer - The second episode was a vast improvement over the pilot but I'm still not entirely sold on the show.  There remains a significant delta between what the show thinks it is and what it's actually capable of being.  I will give it another episode or two to find it's footing but it's position on my fall schedule is far from safe.

Free Agents - If I like Suburgatory when in premiers this week, I don't think I'll keep watching Free Agents.  I adore Anthony Stewart Head and Kathryn Hahn but the show isn't that funny or that interesting. 

Up All Night - Remember how I said I liked it but it wasn't that funny?  The second episode was pretty funny and now I really like the show a lot.  Though the Maya Rudolf character seems sort of shoe-horned in and while she's funny, I'm not sure she's completely necessary.  Still, this show is a keeper. 

Modern Family - The thing I like about this show is that the interactions are mostly kind and they're all exactly how families act...but funnier.  The third season started strong with two funny episodes and I look forward to more all season.  And I love Phil Dunphy most of all.

The Big Bang Theory - I thought Priya was gone but the Skype technology has decided to ruin everything for us.  Fortunately everyone else on the show is awesome and there's still hope that Priya will be gone for good soon enough. 

The Secret Circle - There is a truly unfortunate difference in the acting abilities of the cast on this show.  As with Ringer, I'm going to give the show a few extra weeks to win me over but so far I'm underwhelmed.  And the sex eyes that Thomas Dekker is throwing off are starting to make me uncomfortable.

Nikita - I was a little worried about how the show would deal with Alex teaming up with Division against Nikita and Michael but it seems like it's going to be a great twist that opens up a lot of good stories.  And somehow, being out of Division has made Birkhoff tolerable.  It's a Nikita miracle. 

Supernatural - So far so good.  I don't mind where the sho went over the past few years but I haven't been a fan of how it got there, this episode seemed like a bit of a return to things that I liked about the show previously.  Then again, I'm not sure I buy that Dean, Sam and Bobby would take the "wait around for something to happen" approach to Castiel going off the rails.  Even if he is God.  I love Death and I hope he drops in a lot more often this season and Leviathan Cas seems like an entertaining fellow, but overall it was only a mild improvement over the past few years.

The Good Wife - When this show gets steamy, it usually does so without showing us anything at all.  Last night Alicia had what appeared to be some very satisfying sex with Will in the full upright position while we saw them only from the shoulders up from which angle they appeared to be fully clothed and it was one of the hottest sex scenes I've ever seen on television.  And meanwhile Peter seems pretty intent on showing Alicia who's boss in the courtroom so there will clearly be all kinds of additional drama cropping up this season.  This show is so fun.

Felicity - I watched about 1/2 of the second season over the weekend and so did Claire though we didn't watch together this time.  We had the following conversation via text last night:

Claire: THE BOX.
Me: Did you love it?
Claire: I thoroughly enjoyed it.  However, it seemed really random.  Like really REALLY random.  I wish they'd have given more explanation. I NEED to know what's in the box! I'm also thoroughly enjoying the new counselor.
Me: Dr. Toni Pavone! She is my very favorite non-regular character on the show!
Claire: She is awesome, just like the music she always plays in her office. On a related note, did Felicity just consider dropping out of college or is my hearing off?
Me: Your hearing is fine.  Don't worry, Dr. Pavone will fix it.
Claire: Thank God. And if Ruby is pregnant, i will not be a happy camper.  This show gives me stress. 
Me: All the best shows do.
Claire: It's true.  Ugh.  I don't know what I'm going to do if this show ends badly.
Me: 2.16 right now at my house. Two people I won't name just got into a fight. It was glorious.
Claire: Stop torturing me. I'm only on 13.
Me: Sorry. Keep an ear out for my favorite Ben quote of all time.
Claire: Will it be profound or noticeable?
Me: It will involve him calling someone a dick. I think you'll know it when it happens. 
Claire: RUBY IS A SLUT. Noel deserves so much better! Like Felicity.  Or me!
Claire: That was a great quote.  "63% of me thinks you're a dick!"  I was impressed.
Claire: That was the stupidest/best fight ever.  Ever.
Me: I know. And after it's over it somehow gets even more amazing. Those two are really entertaining as friends.
Claire: I've noticed that.  I love this show.
Me: That makes me ridiculously happy.
Claire: I'm so glad you showed me this. And that it lasts longer than My So-Called Life.  So much more to love.  It feels like it'll be complete.
Claire: I like that Meghan has sworn to kill Felicity over Greg.
Me: Aw! Giving Meghan more to do was the best thing about Greg! I love Meghan.
Claire: Everyone should love Meghan.
Claire: I love that Felicity had no boyfriends in high school and now has been involved with 5 guys since she started college a year and a half ago. 
Me: She really blossomed in college. 
Claire: She did! I loved the Star Trek reference from Richard. I love Richard.
Me: Hee! Me too. 
Claire: OMG, AWESOME: "The thing about Ben is that he's this sweet, dumb guy. But the twist is: he's not dumb at all." Javier just summed up how I feel about Ben.
Me: And that's why I love both Ben and Javier. Well, that and everything that happens in 2.21 (The Aretha Theory).
Claire: Your goal is to make me too curious about upcoming episodes thereby depriving me of sleep tonight, right?
Me: Sorry.

The second season has gets a little maudlin here and there.  Some people are given too much screen time and others not enough.  Bad romantic choices are made.  Fashion atrocities committed.  But I love Felicity's short hair, I love Ben and Noel being friends, I love "The Aretha Theory" and I love this show.

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