September 13, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship With ABCFamily

After becoming quickly addicted to some of the recent ABCFamily offerings and realizing that the network knows a good teen soap or silly comedy when it sees one, I decided to catch up.  With the help of NetFlix Instant, I'm slowly making my way through some of the series I missed the first time around.

This week I watched 10 Things I Hate About You in its entirety.  That show was adorable.  It was funny and goofy and just similar enough to the movie to fill me with nostalgia and enough of a departure so as not to simply rehash what we've all already seen. 

Most importantly, the show was my introduction to Ethan Peck who is so cute.  Impossibly cute.  I've decided to start a letter-writing campaign to have him cast in everything from now until the end of time because his cuteness must be put out into the world so that it can heal the sick and incite peace and bring happiness to everyone. 

For real, he's the cutest thing I've seen in many years. 

There was more to the show than Ethan Peck, you say?  Yes, you're right.  The show seemed to be firing on all cylinders and even had a good plot involving Leslie Grossman as the guidance counselor dating the girls' dad but then it was cancelled with things hanging there totally unresolved.  Papa Strattford walked in on Kat and Patrick in bed, naked, post coitus you guys, and then NOTHING.  That's it.  The network saw that and was like "eh, it's run it's course"?  What is wrong with the people at ABCFamily?  Why would they do this to us?  Ethan Peck was naked! 


If you have NetFlix Instant and you enjoy light comedies and cute boys, you should watch this series.  Twenty episodes at roughly 21 minutes each makes for a quick trip through the entire run of the show and I think you'll like it.  I sure did.


Brenda B said...

I liked that show too. ABCF pisses me off all the time. I may never forgive them for taking GG off the air. I need to stock up on the remaining seasons DVDs.

Melissa said...

I didn't even know they stopped rerunning GG. They have a lot of great shows but they also seem to yank a lot of stuff sooner than they should. They only aired Friday Night Lights in syndication for a week before they pulled it and my heart is still broken that they gave Everwood just one run through before shelving it forever.

And now once again I'm daydreaming about starting my own cable network that syndicates all of my old faves and gives a home to many new, fun shows.