September 13, 2011

Crazy Witches Shouldn't Play With Matches

The Secret Circle pilot went up on iTunes yesterday for free (go, now, go) so I gave it a gander.  I wasn't overwhelmed by it, I thought it was decent and the acting is solid.  I found the instant, intense attraction between Britt Robertson and Thomas Dekker very believable and took an instant creeping to Gale Harold even before I saw his face.  The dude spills water and lights matches with an unsettling intensity. 

I know none of that sounds like a particularly great review and I guess that's appropriate.  If I recall correctly, I was only lukewarm on The Vampire Diaries after its pilot episode as well and look how that turned out.  I went into this show with little or no expectations, which I find is the best way to keep from being underwhelmed, and that worked like a charm.  In fact, I would say that thus far I'm right exactly whelmed by The Secret Circle

I'm interested to find out where the story will go once everyone accepts their powers and binds themselves together or whatever.  Once the kids find out that they're pawns for some of the less well adjusted and creepier parents.  Once there's more to the story than introductions.  I think there could be good stuff here and I'm willing to give them some time to prove me right.  Not the highest of praise but a respectable impression for a pilot to make. 

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