September 27, 2011

Fly Away With Me

This TV season has not impressed me much.  There are a couple of shows I really like and some that I think I might grow to like but mostly there are just a lot of shows that I'm indifferent to.  That trend made me start to worry over the weekend that my high hopes for Pan Am would not pay off.  After all, I hear non-stop raves about Mad Men and I didn't care for it, so the kind words of critics about Pan Am would not necessarily equate to me enjoying the show.  I needn't have worried.  I adored Pan Am. 

The show as more going for it than I anticipated.  A newbie stewardess (it was ok to call them stewardesses back then. Also to smack their tushies to make sure they were wearing their girdles.  And to require they wear girdles.  It was a different time) running away from the life she was supposed to have as a prissy wife to follow in the footsteps of her rebellious and worldly sister.  A French stewardess who might be a bit too free and easy with her married passengers.  An early style douchebag co-pilot.  A mysteriously disappearing stewardess involved in a spying plot I totally didn't see coming.  Mike Vogel as the world's dreamiest pilot and Christina Ricci whose character I'm not yet able to pin down into a particular plot. 

I want to know what becomes of Bridget, how Kate does as a spy, whether Laura can keep her shit together and be a decent stewardess, if Collette and Dean will hook up, and if Maggie will ever get something to do.  Mostly, I want to live in this world of glamorous world travel, espionage, love, sex, and pillbox hats for one hour a week. 

I'm all in.


Brenda B said...

YEA! we finally have a show to watch together again!

Melissa said...

SUCCESS! But also, you'd love Hart of Dixie. It's very Gilmorian.