August 9, 2011

I would silent fight over Emmett in a hot second.

Last night's summer finale of Switched At Birth was so good that I no longer even remember what it was I kind of didn't like about this show when it began 10 short weeks ago.  The show managed to become the very best thing about the summer and it did so on the back of the most riveting fights on television.  Fights that were fought in utter silence. 

Angelo Sorrento finally made an appearance and he looks like Gilles Marini which makes it really hard to be mad at him for being the kind of dude who'd run out on his wife and deaf kid.  Well, I mean, there are also those extenuating circumstances where he know the kid wasn't his but his wife kept insisting she hadn't had an affair and no one immediately thinks "baby swap" under those circumstances.  Bay doesn't know what to think of his arrival and briefly hides it from everyone before introducing him to her parents.  She remains worried about Daphne's reaction.

John Kennish is roughly as welcoming of Angelo as you expect him to be until Angelo is like "I want in on the lawsuit and also I brought along an affidavit from the nurse who mixed up our babies saying she'd been working for 48 hours straight so you totally need me if you want to win."  The Kennish's attorneys are all "SHADY" but John is blinded by his need to be righter than the hospital so he doesn't want to listen. 

Meanwhile Kathryn and Regina are totally BFFs again and Regina is going to open a salon of her own and Kathryn wants to find something to do besides stay home and make elaborate meals that no one eats so the whole episode I was like "Kathryn is going to be Regina's partner!" and then Angelo goes all squirrely and tells Regina he's not leaving and will instead stay around, be hot, get back together with Regina and then give her his 1/2 of the hospital settlement to open a salon and support him in the lifestyle to which he'd like to be accustomed until he gets bored and leaves again.  I'm paraphrasing. 

Daphne is capital-P Pissed when she runs into Angelo and no one blames her.  She quickly brushes by that trauma to focus all of her energy on her blinding rage over Bay dating Emmett. She silent fights with Emmett about how he swore he would never date a hearing girl and he tells her it's none of her damn business and then finally he demands that Daphne tell him what the hell she's so upset about.  She tells him that she likes him and he blows a silent gasket saying that he waited for years for her to see that he liked her and to feel the same way and the very second he moves on to liking someone else she decides to have fuzzy feelings for him.  They have the best silent fight ever, all signing over one another and finger shouting, and then he kisses her.  He pulls away and her face is totally dreamy while his is just angry.  He tells her that he is with Bay and that's that. 

But then Daphne's in his head and he's all weirded out by how he can't understand what Toby and Wilke (Jones) are saying when they try to convince him to be their drummer at some show in St. Louis and then Bay laughs and doesn't know how to sign "bet" so she finger spells it and Emmett kind of dumps her.  Toby remembers how to be awesome and goes to see Emmett and lays some signs down on him.  He basically tells Emmett to stop making his sister sad which is a very sweet brotherly gesture that isn't entirely his business but whatevs. 

Emmett thinks some stuff over and then goes to see Bay to tell her that he doesn't like being around hearing people because he's never really been around hearing people but from the very beginning she was different.  It wasn't like she was either hearing or deaf, she was just her and it was easy to be around her.  He says he doesn't want to be with Daphne, no matter what feelings she suddenly realized she had, he just wants to be with Bay.  Oh, and that last part?  HE SPEAKS.  My mind was blown!

Then he joins Wilke and Toby and they go to St. Louis and Wilke tells Toby that he likes Daphne and Bay asks how Daphne's doing and she's like "I hate that Angelo is here and I don't want you to talk to him and also, I will not rest until Emmett is hers.  Again, paraphrasing. 

So, I am going to come out firmly in favor of one Emmett 'ship over another here, ready?  I want Emmett and Bay to be together.  Bay is just so much more tolerable and interesting as a character when she's with Emmett.  And I like Daphne a lot but I think it's a better story for her to have a struggle with her friendship with Emmett as well as her strange relationship with Bay while also dating Wilke who is the cutest thing that isn't Emmett in the whole world.  I feel like everyone wins in that scenario. 

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