June 28, 2011

Philosophy Majors Are The Worst

Six months have passed since last we saw the Rookie Blue team.  Andy, Dov, Chris, Gale and Traci aren't quite as green or spastic anymore; Andy and Luke have moved in together; Gale is all but living with Dov and Chris after nursing Chris back to health post-stabbing; and Traci is there too.  Luke remains uninteresting and Sam is being courted to come back to the guns and gangs task force and he remains crazy hot. 

Andy is put in charge of the rest of the rook crew doing crowd control patrol at an oversold concert when a girl in a red coat is shot in the head while standing next to Andy.  Andy is then promptly shot in the chest - her vest keeping her alive.  That leads to us meeting Luke's ex-girlfriend who'll be the new detective 'round the station.  She's awful.  Then we get a seriously hot scene between Sam and Andy as he deals with his relief that she's ok.  

Dov accompanies the girl to the hospital and works his ass off to make sure she's allowed to donate her organs rather than having an autopsy since she's all clinically dead and stuff.  The rooks do a thing where they work together to check Twitter for clues to the shooter and then they find a picture of a crazy guy while Andy is busy discovering that the dead girl had been wearing her roommate's coat when she died and that the roommate has a crazy ex-boyfriend who is also her philosophy TA.  

TA is the shooter, Andy catches him, a confession is signed, organs are donated, a father is saved, Luke tells Andy that he and Detective Awful used to live together, Sam might not join guns and gangs, Gale is nice to Dov but will not leave the apartment. The end. 

If you can't tell from my super-fast, super-late write up that you should be watching this show, then I didn't tell it right. 

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