June 24, 2011

Not A Democracy, A Danceocracy

Despite it's many imperfections, I love So You Think You Can Dance.  But after two weeks of controversial decisions, I know some people whose anger may drive them away from the show.  I hope that's just bluster and it isn't true but who knows. 

Having kept everyone last week, the judges had to send 4 people home this week and the people they chose were not the ones I would have chosen.  Ryan performed a sloppy, strange solo that appeared to be strung together from nervous movements that were occurring to her on the fly but she stayed.  Iveta whipped up one of the best ballroom solos I've ever seen on the show and she was sent home. 

Nick killed every genre they asked him to do except Bollywood.  Ricky was bland in hip hop, less than a stand out in jazz and mostly unnoticed next to his partner's insane faces so far.  Nick leaves.  Ricky stays. 

The tricky thing is that I wouldn't have put Ryan and Ricky in the bottom 3 this week.  I would have easily put Jess and Clarice there first and would have had no trouble sending Clarice home as I don't think she's showed us anything outstanding.  Strangely, it would have been a MUCH tougher call for me between Jess and Nick. 

In the end though, those three couples had fewer votes than the others and the judges had to send people home.  They like Ryan, I don't.  If the rest of the viewership feels as I do, they'll put her in the bottom three again and perhaps the judges will notice a pattern.  If they push her through to the Top 10, our votes make the final determination anyway so we can send her home then.  In the meantime, more dancing is never bad.

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