June 22, 2011

A is for "Animal Lover"

I'm probably in the minority on this, but I kind of hope that Pretty Little Liars never reveals who A is.  Mostly because I'm not sure what the show would be about if not for our intrepid Liars doing crazy shit and then flipping out when they're blackmailed by A.  And last night I started to suspect that Spencer is A and I really don't want to find out I'm wrong.  I just think that twist is too delicious not to be true. 

I don't even know why I think Spencer is A.  The thought occurred to me when A was petting the dog and I loved the thought so much I fed it soup and snuggled with it all night.  If Spencer were secretly out-Alisoning Alison all this time and was, in fact, just reveling in watching her friends and family suffer?  Love!

Just in case I'm wrong, here's what else went down last night:

Ezra Fitz made a date with Aria to meet at his place and talk about why she should take him back.  Then he stood her up to have the world's longest job interview at the college.  After waiting for what felt to me like 3 days (and calling Spencer to ask how long she should wait, to which Spencer responded "I'll have to call you back."  So Aria obviously distracted herself from waiting for Ezra by waiting for Spencer), she finally hand wrote a note and left it for him in the typewriter.  I know she's young but does she really not know what a typewriter does? 

Ezra got the job and quit the high school.  He gave a super awkward speech to his whole class that was really just for Aria and even though it was kind of creepy, everyone seemed to appreciate it.  The background actors on this show are top-notch because they didn't even look uncomfortable.  They made their best "genuine appreciation" faces during the applause. 

After class, he quickly packed up his shit and bailed.  But while walking down the hall and mulling over the goodbye, Aria changed her mind and went back to find him.  She tracked him down in the parking lot where she totally made out with him.  In the parking lot.  Of the school.  That employs her mother.  Where she's still 16 and he's still an adult. 

Toby got a job and then lost a job.  He and Spencer "fought" about him going to school and moving away and stuff.  Then they might have made up but it's hard to tell because neither one of them emotes. 

Emily had a date with that blond girl from last season and then found out that a college might be interested in her for a swimming scholarship but only if she stays in Rosewood.  And even then, they're not totally sure about it yet.  So she wants to stay but her mom wants something in writing from the school before she will give a shit about her daughter's higher education prospects.  So we're still not sure if they're moving to Texas or not. Except they're totally not. 

Hanna might be making up with Mona who might be dating Noel.  Hannah's dad came back to stick his nose into this whole "the girls shouldn't hang out with each other anymore" thing.  He continues to be a useless father and Hanna continues to be awesome in spite of that.  I also got the distinct feeling that either his fiance dumped him or he's decided to dump her.  Either way, I'm worried he might be hanging around.

The girls spent the entire episode bitching about how they're not allowed to see or talk to each other but they mostly did that while they were seeing and talking to each other.  They all got out of their houses in the middle of the night to meet up in a greenhouse and Aria went to Spencer's house late on another night and was attacked by A who was busy poking around within.  A, it seems, has been making a habit of letting herself into other people's homes and helping herself to their stuff.  She also snagged some camping gear from Emily's garage.  I'm not sure if that was before or after she wiped Emily's hard drive.  Little scamp.

And finally, Alison's super creepo brother has returned to the family house where he's throwing things away and digging in the garden and kicking dogs and just generally being awful.  I hope A tries (and maybe succeeds in) killing him next. 

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