June 17, 2011

Give The People What We Want!

And what the White Collar fans (this one, anyway) want is for Neal and Peter to be friends, not for Neal to double-cross Peter and Peter to (rightly) suspect Neal of doing bad things and then try to catch him and throw him back in prison.  That's no fun!  I like it when it's Neal and Peter and Mozzy and Elizabeth against the world. 

Anyway, for now, the show has everything just fine on the surface while just underneath Mozzy and Neal try to fence some of their stolen Nazi haul to fund their escape and Peter tries to catch them with their hands in the Degas jar. 

In the meantime, we seem to be getting less Sara (Hillarie Burton) as we are introduced to a new lady in the mix played by Anna Chlumsky.  I like Sara and I'm in favor of keeping her around and seeing more of her, but I am finding Chlumsky absolutely adorable in every USA Network guest role she takes on so I can't complain about this. 

All-in-all, it's just good to have this slick, pretty show back.  I love summer. 

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