May 28, 2011

Pilot Palooza - Round Three

Going into today, Mike thought he'd end up choosing Veronica Mars as his next project so he's very excited to start Round Three.  Here we go...

"Rob Thomas created this?!?!"  Common exclamation from non-TV addicts, I'm sure. 

So far, he's not terribly fond of "psychotic jackass" Logan.  Then again, who was? He thinks Wallace is adorable and he loves Keith.  

Veronica's pilot hair is giving me a traumatic flashback to Rose's terrible 'do from The Vampire Diaries.  

"Is the sheriff's last name 'Lame'?" Mike thinks they missed an opportunity there. 

At 35 minutes in, Mike thinks they should make a Veronica Mars movie.  

The show finishes to a round of applause from Mike.  

He gives it a perfect score - 10 out 10.  
His favorite thing about Veronica Mars? "Everything."  

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