May 28, 2011

Pilot Palooza - Round Six

When the main menu of the Everwood disk came up and the theme song started to play, Mike said "oh my God, even this song makes me want to cry." Buckle up, my friend, it's going to be a weepy ride. 

I have never watched that death notification scene without crying.  Never. 

Mike is curiously quiet through this show.  Just a chuckle or two so far.  No tears yet though.  For him that is, I've cried at least once.  

He's getting pretty tired of the 'tude Ephram keeps copping with Andy.  "Alright, that's enough ya little dick! Can't a dad change?"  

He loves Edna.  He's a fan of crabbily funny people.  

Audible Gasp Alert!  Mike did NOT appreciate it when Bright made the comment about when Ephram's mom "bought it" - "PUNCH HIM!"  Now he's just really hoping that Amy actually does like Ephram and isn't a dick like her brother.  

The father/son fight in the street: "that was intense.  My chest got kinda tight."  

Edna continues to amuse him and he loves the constant surprises that everyone seems to be related to crabby Dr. Abbott.  

"Awww.  God, I fuckin' love this show!"  I am so happy right now!  

He just double checked the cheat sheet I made him: "it's ludicrous that this show was only four seasons!"  He's not wrong.   

TEARS!  At the 46 minute mark.  

He rates this one 11 out of 10.  
His favorite thing about it is that it's a perfect little mix of everything.  

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