May 28, 2011

Pilot Palooza - Round Five

Up next: Felicity.  This one is a life-changer.  

Right off the bat, I'm struck by how young Keri Russell looks and Mike says "she looks way too old to be graduating high school."  Perspective, I guess.  

First Noel sighting: "This is going to be one of those 'who's she going to end up with' things, isn't it?"  Not as big a TV virgin as I thought, this one.  

Mike says Ben has "Stefan hair" and suddenly I wonder why it never occurred to me that Stefan has Ben hair.  Maybe because Ben only has this hair in the pilot?  Hmmm.  

Audible gasp when Ben tells Felicity that he's into Julie.  

Cue the Sarah McLachlan.  

Sally!  Of all the things I miss about Felicity, and the list is long, Sally's voice overs are what I miss most.  Mike is very disappointed to find out we never meet Sally: "what?! That's bullshit!"  

He gives this one 7.5 out of 10.  Lower than I expected.  
His favorite thing about it is that it's set in New York.  He's a Ben guy, "Noel is cute and he obviously gets cuter but...Ben is hot.  Really fuckin' hot."  

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