May 28, 2011

Pilot Palooza - Round One

To start with, we've changed up the programming order - Mike decided he wanted to watch the shows starting with the shortest series and ending with the longest so we're kicking off Pilot Palooza with Life As We Know It.  

The first thing Mike said was that while Dino (Sean Faris) is good looking, he prefers Jonathan (Chris Lowell). I've always been partial to Ben (Jon Foster) myself.  

Mike also noted, during the scene where the boys are playing hockey in the house, "no mom in the world would walk in on that and not scream at them to get out of her house with that shit."  

Thirty minutes in: "I like this show a lot so far."  

He gives it "a solid 8 out of 10." 
"It was good.  It was not what I expected."
Mike's favorite thing about it is the friendship chemistry between the boys.  

First round: Success! 

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