May 28, 2011

Pilot Palooza - The End

And with that we conclude Pilot Palooza '11.  I've had a blast and I really congratulate myself (yeah, I'm that guy) on the brilliance of this idea.  We watched 8 pilots and while they weren't all hits with Mike, they were all fun to share with my friend.  

The winners are...

#1 - Everwood
#2 - TIE: Veronica Mars & Gilmore Girls
#3 - Life As We Know It

He's decided to watch Life As We Know It first though since it's only a measly 13 episodes long, then tuck into Everwood.  I'm sure he'll occasionally tweet his thoughts and I can't wait.  

I'm compiling my list for next time already!  

1 comment:

Brenda B said...

Thanks for the updates - yes I read them all. Tell Mike he has really great taste in TV! :)