April 7, 2011

Van Milder vs. Man Uggs

I'm not sure if the third time will be a charm for Christian Slater's TV career but I certainly enjoyed Breaking In more than I did his previous two attempts at the genre. 

Slater owns a company that specializes in finding the flaws in various security systems and then selling fixes to those flaws. Bret Harrison is playing a 27-year-old who's hacked his way into college (and a full scholarship) so that he can enjoy the cushy student life forever.  Slater catches Harrison and instead of turning him in, blackmails him into coming to work for him.  In addition to Van Milder (no, that's not really his name, but it should be), there's a practical-joke-playing surveillance geek, a douchey weirdo whose specialty is gathering intel, and a pretty girl who picks locks and cracks safe.  Pretty Girl has a boyfriend, played by Michael Rosenbaum, who sells clean urine samples on eBay and wears Uggs.  I believe I've just made my point for this show having some very watchable elements. 

They're setting up a love triangle already between Pretty Girl, Van Milder and Man Uggs which might be the least interesting thing about the show but I would like to see Rosenbaum in more than one scene every ep so if a love triangle will make that happen, I'll get on board.  It sets up a real Sophie's choice though. 

I gave it a season pass but I'm not entirely sure that the advertising or the American Idol lead-in are going to help it find it's audience.  I'm seeing this as having some of the same appeal that The Big Bang Theory does and I don't think that's what the advertising led people to believe.  But we shall see. 


Brenda B said...

Hmmm I'll have to check it out. We love TBBT. OH HULU.....

Melissa said...

I love TBBT too. One of my favorite things ever was going to see a taping of it. This is sort of a bridge between TBBT's geekiness and the hijinks of a Leverage. But with Christian Slater. I know, that description lacks descriptiveness - but that's all I've got.