March 9, 2011

Breaking Up Is Hard To Watch People Do

Pretty Little Liars - It is not an exaggeration to say that I was THRILLED when both Hanna and Spencer were finally given interesting love lives last week.  Not least because I've decided I kind of love both Toby and Caleb. 

It was a bit of a disappointment that Hanna ended up dumping Caleb (for a pretty good reason, but still) this week.  I mean, I want to believe him that he's not as shady as an alliance with Jenna might make him seem and I certainly don't think he's A.  I hope he and Hanna work it out and get back together. 

If Hanna and Caleb can't make it work, I will be fine with it as long as Toby and Spencer stay together forever.  They are both the most expressionless people ever and they are awesome together.  AWESOME.  Ever since he got his hair cut (and took off his shirt - what? I'm shallow!) I have really warmed up to him and I've come to love and embrace the total inability to emote that both he and Spencer exhibit.  It doesn't seem strictly necessary for A to resort to framing Spencer so early in what I hope will be a VERY long mystery but if a shared history as suspected murders brings these two crazy kids together for the duration? I'm in.

I'm completely ambivalent about Emily's love life at the moment though I'm glad that she's finally dating someone who wasn't alive during the Carter administration.  And, you know, Aria and Ezra are still cute but they're like the old married couple of the bunch. 

In other notable news this week, that fire that made Jenna blind did not in any way alter the LOOK of her eyes.  She still has them and they are not scarred in any visible way.  This development does not mean she creeps me out any less. 

White Collar - Speaking of breakups that I'm not happy about - the season finale ended with Neal and Peter fighting over whether or not Neal double-crossed the now-dead Andrew McCarthy and, in doing so, perpetrated a massive theft right under Peter's trusting nose. 

It sure seemed like Neal was as surprised as anyone (though, admittedly, also terribly pleased) to be left a key that opened the warehouse full of ill-gotten Nazi-gains.  Knowing Neal's history as we do, I can't help but suspect those goodies were left for him by one of his many ladies.  My first instinct says Alex but I have this nagging suspicion it could be Sara as that would make for a helluva twist.  And yet, as I type that, it occurs to me that an even better twist would be if the fight on the docks was all a big charade and it was actually Peter who set the whole thing up.  Oh my God, I hope it's THAT.  Mostly because I can't bear the thought of Peter and Neal being broken up.  My heart can't take the end of such a perfect and beautiful bromance. 

Fortunately, it looks like I won't have to be tortured by more than one of Neal's breakups because after he made the disastrously bad decision to make out with Alex in full view of Sara (who he didn't realize had rushed to his rescue with Mozzie and the Feds), I thought for sure the Sara/Neal romance was a goner.  But it turns out that Sara is pretty forgiving and seems ready to give him another chance.  Yay for us, I say!  I really adore Hillarie Burton in the role of Sara and I hope she's a permanent addition to the cast. 

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