February 9, 2011


I know it's not high art or anything, but I really do love Hellcats.  It's perfectly absurd and superficial and fluffy even when it tries to be something deeper (the guy in prison for a crime he didn't commit, for example) but it manages to be the good kind of absurd, superficial and fluffy.  The entertaining kind. 

Last week's was particularly fantastic (despite a total lack of Dan Patch) and this week was nearly as good.  After nearly being snatched by a couple of creepers in the night Marti sooths her nerves with a late-night solo run where she sits on a bench in a wooded area and makes a phone call.  Because Marti is the smart one.  The phone call is to Dan who finally answers his phone and gives us a wonderful split-screen convo wherein he tells us that he's been in New Orleans volunteering on the oil spill clean-up.  Oh yeah, he's also being fitted for a tux.  It was beautiful in every way. 

When the conversation is over she hears noises and is promptly abducted.  From the secluded, wooded area.  Where she was sitting alone.  At night.  Smart one. 

Turns out her abductors were actually the Hellcats who snatched her for an initiation thing where they all tell stories about how they came to join the squad.  Oh, sorry.  Where Lewis, Savannah, Coach Boring (who I continue not to care about unless she's kissing Red) and Alice tell stories.  Apparently it doesn't matter how everyone else got there. 

This is all Alice's way of showing Marti that the team is too important to risk them being shut down along with the football program if all the Jake heinousness comes to light.  Marti agrees to keep the DVD to herself but then Travis is beaten to a pulp in prison and he fires her and the other do-gooders as his council.  Marti tells Savannah what's going on and Savannah brings the sitch to the whole team and they all have this all for one moment where they agree to fight for Marti and what's right and to hell with bringing down all athletic programs at their college.  I teared up.  Don't judge me.

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