February 9, 2011

All Kinds of Pests

I've said it before but it bears repeating, The Good Wife just keeps getting better and better.  Michael J. Fox returned last night as Louis Canning, the shady corporate lawyer who bested Alicia earlier in the season and this time he's out on his own and trying to steal a class action suit against a pesticide company out from under the Lockhart Gardner gang. 

He doesn't succeed because he's gotten pretty cocky about how much better he is than them and that always leaves people vulnerable.  Especially people who have Kalinda on the payroll. 

But the case of the week is not remotely the most interesting thing about the episode.  What I loved was the jockeying for power within the firm.  Will and Diane are getting ready to make their move, bringing in just enough of their allies within the equity partner community to secure their votes and overthrow Bond.  But Derrick throws a wrench in their plan when he abruptly announces that he's signed a monster new client in the form of a very rich bi-partisan PAC, making him the hero of the moment. 

While they believe that Canning has planted a keystroke recording virus on Alicia's laptop to spy on them and best them in the class action suit, they set a trap to lure him into making a mistake.  But instead of catching a tiny Canning fish, they end up with a shark.  It seems that Bond is the one who's been spying on Will and Diane via Alicia.  He apparently bugged her computer figuring that one of the two partners would tell her the things necessary to keep them under his thumb.  He unknowingly tips his hand to Will who comes up with a new plan to trick Bond into firing his own people so they can top-load the firm with more of their own allies and still get his slimy ass out.  Will, Diane and the bald family law guy (why can't I ever remember his name?) share this scene of such quiet, self-satisfied joy near the end that I defy anyone not to snicker when they watch.  And after Baldy takes his leave, Will and Diane slyly low-five each other as they part ways and it might be the best thing I've seen on TV this year.  It's at LEAST in the top 5. 

Also in the episode, some stuff about the campaign where Peter hangs out with his jail-bird buddy Method Man and Will's girlfriend Elizabeth Reeser gets jealous of his job and tries to break up with him but it doesn't take because she's totally fallen for him.  Who can blame her?  Cary was absent. 

Next week, Alicia is fixin' to tell Will she loves him.  I wonder if there's a "too little, too late" conversation in our future. 

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