February 4, 2011

"I'm not that tall."

I will, of course, get a full, proper recap of The Vampire Diaries "Daddy Issues" up over the weekend but in the meantime, I have some thoughts. 

  • The first time Uncle John came to town I hated him right from the jump.  He was an awful guy and he was fucking everything up.  Now that he's back in town, he's acting like a changed man, primarily worried about keeping Elena safe and giving nary a shit if vampires live or die.  Of course, he may also be in cahoots with Isobel and Katherine and still planning to ruin everything but I totally don't care.  I sort of love him now.  The difference, I think, is that the first time around, he was just plain awful.  He wasn't interesting or menacing enough to seem like anything more than a wet-blanket annoyance compared to the Salvatores and their peeps.  This time, he's kind of awesome.  If he's lying, then he's working an enjoyably devious angle.  If he's telling the truth, well then, his change of heart is both interesting and fun (you know, for those of us who want the "good" guys to win).  Or it could be that I just really love David Anders' new haircut.  He's all Sark-sexy again!

  • Sometimes it seems like very interesting things are happening in Mystic Falls but we're not there to see them.  Jeremy and Bonnie walking around with their arms around each other?  If I missed their first kiss I am going to be PISSED!  On the other hand, how gorgeous did they both look last night? 

  • I am really enjoying Damon's emotional self-torture as he tries to fight the changes that have been happening in him since he met and fell for Elena and the way that it's all come to a head since he lost Rose.  I'm also really enjoying the quality time we're spending in his bathroom and the lingering close-ups of his flawless skin, square jaw and gorgeous eyes. 

  • I obviously still want Matt and Caroline to be together forever but I was just coming around on an additional romance between Caroline and Tyler and now Tyler is being brainwashed by the wretched Jules (she and her unspeakably hot boyfriend need to die in the worst way!) into the whole "you have to hate Caroline, who put her life at risk to help you when there was nothing in it for you, because she's a vampire and you're a werewolf and we say so" mindset.  So first he hates her and then she gets tortured and nearly killed while he stands around staring like someone's slow cousin so by the time he thinks he might want to stay friends with her she ain't havin' it.  Stop being a bit doody head, Tyler!  Worse than the now blown relationship between them, is the fact that Caroline had to tell Matt another lie so now they might not get back together either.  How can Caroline be so awesome and have this little luck in love?  Madness, I tell you!

  • She is seriously awesome too.  Every time she and Stefan are anywhere near each other, everything is instantly a billion times more ass-kickingly brilliant.  For one thing, I'm pretty sure the only time that Stefan ever jokes or smiles is when he's with Caroline.  Plus, to protect her, he went totally bad-ass on some wolves this week and I LOVE when Stefan is a bad-ass.  This show does BFF interaction so well.  Like Seth and Ryan or Veronica and Wallace.  So good! 

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