February 8, 2011

Bad Hair, Bad Accent, Bad Idea

It's been a while since I talked about Pretty Little Liars here.  Shame on me.  Last night was another enjoyable episode though maybe slightly less so than last week.  I love that Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) is playing a possibly crazy old jewelry-maker who's totally being manipulated by A.  It's pretty fantastic that Aria is all wigged that her parents are having a secret affair...with each other.  Also fantastic?  Spencer.  She was my least favorite liar during the first half of the season but she's become a lot more entertaining since she became a victim of A's frame-up.  Last night she decided to befriend Toby by becoming his French tutor.  She does feel a little bad about how she helped accuse him of being a murderer and all but mostly she just wants to know what he knows about who framed him so that she can figure out who's framing her.  She's obviously still a total pill but at least now, she's kind of a fun pill.  Emily's swim team drama is not as interesting as it thinks it is and I think we could all do with fewer swimming scenes but it did offer me a good opportunity to make my dinner.  Hanna(h) found out that Caleb (aka New Guy) is living in the library ceiling because he hates foster homes so much and so she offers to let him stay at her house.  She helps him make money off of some of her non-liar friends and after Aria breaks up with her for giving Ella the ticket that almost got Aria and Ezra busted on their date, Hanna cries to Caleb and he comforts her.  I hate his hair a lot, but I like his character.  Heh, just like Toby! 

The Chicago Code premier was pretty good though, a lot of back-story as tends to happen in pilots.  I didn't expect to like Jason Clarke's character because he just LOOKED like that hard-boiled, old-school, pain in the ass detective type that I've grown sick of after a lifetime of police procedurals and cop movies.  But it turns out that Jarek Wysocki is those things but is also interesting and layered.  It's interesting to see Matt Lauria playing an adult here but he's every bit as enjoyable in this (so far) as he is as Luke on Friday Night Lights.  That leaves Theresa Colvin as the only character that I'm not sure I'm going to be able to take but not as much for how the character is written as for the way over-the-top accent that Jennifer Beals is throwing at her.  I know that people everywhere else in the country hear a distinct accent in those of us originally from the Midwest but that thing is like the Chicago version of a Fargo spoof.  Tone it the fuck down, Beals!  Ahem.  Anyway, I've heard from several critics that the subsequent episodes get better which seems reasonable now the semi-excruciating set-up is behind us.  I'm in for a season pass on this one.

After a real rough-patch last season, How I Met Your Mother has seen a bit of a resurgence with the first half of this season and this was another strong episode.  Katy Perry guest starred as the especially naive cousin of Zoey.  The gang calls her Honey because she's so naive that everything she says makes them want to say "oh, honey. No."  The episode was told as a series of phone calls between Marshall, still at home in Minnesota after his father's funeral, and the rest of the gang back in New York telling him about the events of the week.  They're still pushing a Ted/Zoey relationship which I'm still not wild about though I'll admit that she's less objectionable since they ditched everything about her personality and just decided started making her cute and fun.  Even so, I really hope she's not the mother. 

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