December 29, 2010

Big Plans

I don't want to propel you all into jealous fits or anything but I have the best plans in the world for my extra long weekend which begins tomorrow.  I'm going to stay home for 4 days, laying either on the couch or in my bed, watching movies and eating take-out food.  

Frankly, I'm pretty excited to see how many movies I can watch in 4 days.  I'm also beginning to wonder if I'll suddenly feel movie'd out and switch to TV on DVD at some point.  God, the mystery of it all is so exciting! 

Anyway, there might be some blogging happening while I watch but there will very definitely be tweeting.  If you follow me on Twitter, you're either going to get really sick of me, or you're going to live my sloth vicariously.  It's gonna be awesome. 

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