August 2, 2010

Weekend In Reviews

The Bounty Hunter – I can see why it bombed at the box office. It seemed like this movie couldn’t decide if it was a romantic comedy or an action comedy but either way it failed because it wasn’t funny.

Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) is a reporter who is so busy chasing a juicy story of police corruption and murder that she fails to show up to court to answer the charges that she hit a police horse with her car. Her bail bondsman then sends one of his bounty hunters, Milo (Gerard Butler), after her. Milo just so happens to be her ex-husband. Nicole is also being pursued by a dirty cop and a co-worker who is desperate to date her. Milo, meanwhile, is being hunted by a couple of thugs out to collect a gambling debt.

Jennifer Aniston is beautiful and likable in pretty much everything, but there is also an innate blandness to her that is only over-come when the material is really well written and that was not the case here. Gerard Butler is always cocky and smarmy and this is no exception. There was no chemistry between them and when they ended up together I could not figure out why. This one is not worth watching unless you’re really, really desperate to see Gerard Butler without his shirt on and don’t have access to the internet.

The Good Guy – It was not a great weekend for me, movie wise because this one was incredibly boring. In the first 2 minutes of the movie, you see Bryan Greenberg in the partial buff so I had high hopes for the movie in general but it was mostly down hill from there.

Scott Porter plays Tommy, a Wall Street hot shot who has seemingly fallen on some hard luck and is begging Beth (Alexis Bledel) to forgive him because he’s lost his keys and his wallet and he’s stranded and it was all a misunderstanding. When she won’t buzz him up to her apartment, he asks whether “someone” is there with her and that’s when we see Daniel slide up behind her with his shirt off all sexy and maybe a little possessive? Beth comes downstairs and hands Tommy some cash and tells him she feels sorry for him, but in that way that means he’s made his bed and is now stuck lying in it.

The movie then takes us back 6 weeks as Tommy tells us how he ended up here. Because the story is being told by Tommy, I guess it makes some sense that every effort is made to imply that Tommy is awesome. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s a great boyfriend, he’s awesome at his job, everyone likes him and he’s all too happy to take things slow with Beth because he’s not the kind of guy who’s only in it for sex.

Along the way, we find out that Daniel is a sweet, smart, quiet guy that gets a job on Tommy’s team and whom Tommy and his cronies are trying to mold in their own image by changing his hair and his clothes and teaching him how to pick up chicks. I won’t give you the whole story just in case you do want to see it but I will tell you that Daniel is the good guy that the title refers to, not Tommy.

All three leads are damn pretty to look at but of course my love is, as always, reserved for Bryan Greenberg (JAKE!) and he’s deserving of it here even if this movie is beneath him. I’d like to petition for Bryan to get a new agent because some of the things her does…ugh. Scott Porter probably enjoyed the chance to play someone who was essentially the opposite of Jason Street and he was great at it, but the material was not worthy of him either.

I don’t forsee this movie popping up on cable, ever, but if it does I suppose you could give it a shot. Both cute boys take their shirts off so you could do worse on a raining Sunday afternoon. But I won’t lie, you could also do way better (like skipping this and watching Bryan in Prime instead).

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